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A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders

Glossary of Names for Harsov

Adam Belladonna- Elven heir to the throne, wields Ravensfeast, close friend of Harsov. Raised by thieves guild

Adramalach- Demonlord of Volcanoes and Magma

Adriana-Human wife of Ironwood, mother of Whisperwillow, grandmother of Harsov

Bladesong- Elven 2nd in command of Guardians, protege of Ironwood

Brambleheart- Dryad/Demon hybrid, slayer of Ironwood and Snaptwig. Daughter of Gorgorab. Imprisoned after the Great War by Ironwood and Lewelyn.

Brokenbranch/Ironwood- Husband of Adriana, Father of Whisperwillow. Powerful shaman, original leader of Guardians.

Burning Ash- Half Elven Archmage, father of Lorash.

Dawnstrider- Member of elven tribe, father of Dawnstar

Dawnstar- Shapechanging elven babe stolen by dire wolves. Rescued by Lorash and Harsov, and renamed Silvershadow by Harsov, unaware he is actually an elf.

Elmwood- Elven forest where Harsov is born

Elorna Elmsdaughter- Powerful dryad daughter of Lewelyn and Burning Ash, sister of Lorash, bonded to Harsov.

Foxfire- Elven son of King Heartseeker, heir to the throne. Grew up among human thieves guild, where he used the name Adam Belladonna.

Gobbleguts- One of the demonic humanoids trapped in the Moon enchanted forest.

Gorefang- Former alpha dire wolf, stole baby Dawnstar, mangled Harsov's arm, slew Shadow

Greenfolk- Elven name for their race

Greenspeak- Elven name for their language

Grog- Giant guard near Burning Ash's tower.

Harsov the Harsh- Hero of the story. Human child born of 2 half elves, Whisperwillow and Strongbark. Bonded to Elorna.

Heartseeker- Slain elven king, died in the Great War defending Elmwood. Father of Firefox/Adam Belladonna

Heartsthorne- Elven baby brother of Harsov

Ironwood- Name originally used by Brokenbranch during the Great War, changed names when he lost his bonded, Adriana. General/hero/Shaman.

Lewelyn- Dryad Queen, mother of Lorash and Elorna, lover of Burning Ash, slain by Gorgorab in Ice demon invasion.

Lorash- Elven priest of Sylvanus, brother to Elorna, son of Lewelyn and Burning Ash. Powerful but untrained mage.

Oakdaughter- Former matriarch of elven tribe, mother of Snaptwig. Maimed by Lorash

Raindancer- Elven Apprentice priest of Sylvanus

Ravensfeast- Ancient dryad/artifact, symbol of elven kings

Redbeak-Lorash's hawk friend

Runningdeer- Elven messenger/herald of Oakdaughter. Infatuated with Lorash, died protecting him during Ice demon invasion

Shadow- black panther familiar of Elorna, slain by Gorefang and dire wolves.

Shilandra- Elven Moon Priestess, infatuated with Lorash, master of time magic

Snaptwig- Elven son of Oakdaughter, rival of Harsov, slain by Brambleheart

Starseeker- Leader of the band of elves trapped in the Moon enchanted forest, appointed second in command of the Guardians by Bladesong

Strongbark- Half Elven father of Harsov and Heartsthorne. Berserker, slain during Ice Demon invasion

Sylvanus- God of Nature, Major Elven deity, worshiped by Lorash and Raindancer

Trueshaft- Elven Guardian archer, elite archer from a race known for their archery skill

Whisperwillow- Half Elven mother of Harsov and Heartsthorne, wife of Strongbark, child of Adriana and Ironwood/Brokenbranch

Windracer- Elven Guardian courier

Windshaper-Elven mother of Dawnstar/Silvershadow. Minor elemental magic

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