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The Stone Throwers:
A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders

Phoenix Envy: Spring-Sun Zang (Chun-Li, 1989 There Was There Were)

It sheaves of changing seasons'
On a port of ever est.,
The Sky trenches purity - to symbol of the Sky.
The metaphor clarity is the perception of the horizon.
The gailing doors are strout always closed,
The maiden of a rose
For which there's a vein of growth always by the entrance
The Assailing virtues of mortality
The reverence of a flower always lair inside,
Always lare the reverence of a flower concretion bloom
The steps of concrete lair externally to its concretion.
Lare the walking migration of a external paradigm to a garden, migrant walk of a external paradigm to lair
Carrier of the drippery dew falling every morning
The tense of mortality is upon the mansion,
A ascendery of the culture: Each quarter is equally square.
Assailing tilting toward the horizon
The mist is connotation correlating of -
Limitless to differentiation.
The mist is cool
Clear to the approach of apparents to be apparent of - The seasons' bloom with distinctions of a sea omnious mysterious, a sun and a wilderness bed of water flowing into a waterfall.
Clear to the approach of parents
The chronology of God holding each of singularity,
Grace is a star
Within arms, the clouds seed a utopia
Between the Ascension of Humanity
And the Whirlpool of Humanities Descent,
A satire of the sailing precipitation clarity
A migrating waverly of the dove's flocking of tense
To ward, there is sound
The current, tides, and ripples to all things

From laden sieve's
Nature naturally constance pertaining particles of sand,
A wave of grass - a bridge onto the creation of a concretion walkway,
seining pasteurization onto the writing orbit of a singularity star.

Another, To a fraction of dreams exist civilizations all: The parallel paradigm patterns reflections bequeath to our divergence decise devising what a society actually is. Within the excellence of the self, if there was something. Presented on the night against the sun and the sun against the sun, the dawn of truth gives neither mirror neither does the lady death of the nigh: Twilight on the nigh as demise, twilight the nigh as fate. The course of judgement: Of the dawn, living as death - living as alive as the sought duties of a goddess yet awaken. Upon the soul itself, order must be pertaken: For the set of the sun will arrange the order of illumination on the fort deciphering unabridged unbridled. For the birth, was without demons: Carried those births', there existed only a temporary lapse portioning creation thy self. Neither in death, yet within ascapture (Another, chapter - Phoenix Envy.)

Befellow the doors
Still in there make forming willow on congregation creation
Cherry Blossoms trees each horizon

Resounding on the heard trials
A exchange between debt
Financing obligations to others'
Below is the burden of a dragon
Awaiting the touch of a male never seen
The board is within perspective,
The crowd has never sited him
For if the concretion personification is she,
For Sakuranosono Shinjuu is alone
And the harbor seems to be always empty

Akuaporisu and non akuaporisu
virtual image
It even makes a face
Of mountain and of, plain
Unbroken foreheed from the Eastern Jasmine

Sensations is the fibering fabrication of to its creation, a matter of: Of the seasons'realm, sensations, blooming -Sensations onto the concurrence of its creation, element, of the element. The matter of creation is Sensations: Sensations is the element of the Candy matter, a nucleus of sweet and sour - A dance, onto the naturality that the crystal door open's. A dance, morality, onto the standardization individual walk migration limitless/limited creating itself: A dance, morality, onto the limitless/limited conjuring creation materializing - concretion congregating, it is to form a walkway, iterating creation of a inaugural revolution. The day sets onto the sun, a particle of sand spirals as a atom whether it's a morality of god: The kindling seasons' falls over the spring, the mantle is a creating creation of tea forming height is a water Assailance of the realm core distinction defines forging a core to live on - liquidation forms creation out of the planet's core, forming a isometric barrier. The supreme goddess has left the planet's core: Kirisuto-Kyouto Hulett.... It is to describe the order of desks stating to be crystal: To what is said, is only a statement, a dance - tout onto the voluptuous Befalling elegance - a dance, the sequenciation is a fiberation of being set bent in multiple ampture simultaneously a dancing on top of runway model walkway. School crystal desks on order of Kirisuto-Kyouto Hulett.

The height of Spring Sun Zang is 5 ft 7. Falling Seasons' Sun Zang is a height of 5 ft. 7.

The weight of Spring Sun Zang is 301, maintained since the age of 13 years old - based on the expectation of a phenomenal female defensive edge rusher, prior to Morality Rage - Spring Sun Zang is extraordinarily muscular with very little muscle seen in the arms, though a beyond muscular tone female. Spring Sun Zang practices Mugen Tenshin, Phoenix Style, and Jet Kool Do - every style is intrigued perfectly at a older age.

Spring Sun Zang works one week on the field as a Special Operations Police Officer, practices the rest of the week at the Special Operations Police headquarters.

The first tournament, Sensations Senses, was won by Blossom Orchid - though Omega Wintersnightinggale or Omega had to participant in the Martial arts tournament, there wasn't another age five competitor except Red; Omega Wintersnightinggale had to participate in the tournament because she was penalized twice - once for keeping Blossom Orchid's age to 23 and the other is a mystery.

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