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The Stone Throwers:
A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders

Phoenix Envy: Dancer Omen

It is upon a dance, that there's literation to rise: Connotation is being, for, Omnient - forming, congregating a barence bare in its elaboration. Presence is whereas that is congregating creation to where, inter sequencing to such defining divination is make: Congregating a bare barence, it is of compost rittening to which is or the preposition kindling and within itself, it is a subliteration. Building literation, to what is and to what is defining: For ought it is or being, creating realm proportionate to one - it is to form meaning defining, it is a form creating or to forming to create?

Building iteration, accumulating the limmering of - to which is the meaning, is to congregate! To which creation is a mechanism into a blank that it is, to define, a defining congregation into creation connotation housing - the materialism materializing into arceous wondrance provases for which is within what must be congregated from section.

To a beginning, illuminations are in the personification of building - The previsions of glory amongst the building materialization of space amongst the sparse singularity sovereignty, could it being or could it the formitability to that it is circumference of particular particle creation forging into String Theory, is catering amongst the lare of consciousness of the possibility creation in light/light of consciousness lare. For a metaphor for the sparseness of the morphosis creation of light, beakons for which cannot nor neither be explanatory in the explanation explanatory plains. For a metaphor for the sparseness of conceptualization, beakons it is of being lare of that is or lair conceptualizing creation is a migrating plains. To which is if, a background is nothing: If nothing is a background, the transitory is that it is beneath itself, conjuring it is of the self that can only iterary of sovereignty. To which the possible creation of infinity over eternity and eternity over in Infinity, to which it is infinitiveterniteria, forging a migration across the conceptualizing stratus before myth - the skies and heed were even born, in-between the destination of born-lit-flare of the creationary yielding saging inaugural imaginary concretions of the born between the space and matter - conjuring and conjuration at most reaction formitable formitability it is being, the dicentra contra de-rationalization of explicit that it is A formative or forming forge or forging conceptualization it could be or could it. The illusionary visionary that it is still born of being - the destination is a migrantation submitting the inauguration of a dance. The lare of being/of conceptualize being is the prevision of glory, amongst the building is materialization and building to make is catering to be and of the formative adherent possibility of light, consciousness light is the concretionary creationary to and neither

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