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Phoenix Envy: First Concert

The harping of the school is upon a infant onto the steps of God's notification: There are neither judgements nor shirase tsuutatsu other than thou is God, a unaru is agaru of a story upon the appearance of a materialization. The Cometh sei (definition - saint, holy, pure.) of such - literation of creation, temperance template trepanation Transference.

"It was the creation of blue, illuminating set-set: Oh,...... It was monochrome, illuminating into creating into blue: It was illumination into blue. Of the first inaugural moment, illuminating illumination creation onto the world: There you are creating you of me and me of you shining light. It was you, beginning: Creating the spacial skies shining in light. It was blue, shining star creating befalling of me: Light shining light star, it is to you - neither on the kindling forming to be, Befalling, conceptualization into being. It is the creation of blue, shining illumination, it is blue. The soul is lament in Jade, twilight to the spectrum of immenientation light: The commodity of garments dress's (definition - kazaru, ....) in the fatigues (definition- sagyouri, ....) paring the Spector's of a ghost, disguised within the wardrobe of camouflage everyday - Kanwakyuudai ba irei donor tanpuku is the asa maiasa taiyou and yuubata yuube yakan. (Definition roughly - Evening Night. Nature of definition figurative.) The darkness allusion is of the gem emerald of the kyou and ichiya, Tomadoi miwoyatsusu soba chikaku the nyuujou: Tomadoi miwoyatsusu by the door, frequently tonikaku hitorigoto Cherry Blossoms leaves of a yakusoku, frequently resonance of divinity divination harness in a Wintersnightinggale - frequently yakusoku of a enunication harness in a Wintersnightinggale?

The word isn't native to us, porched over the words ridge sonorous of etiquette for the present of God: Creation, the Solar Flare is the befilde materialization encalling definition to be space, paradigm creation to be, areas whereas is congregating creation is singular to one paradrium creation by one - meant is being, vitality is being, singularity is one of all is to be! Creation is in the mere eye of singularities pair of the onset prions of seidai, the congregating is a creation mantle burning in its sequency, creation in the beginning inauguration

"See creation around me, see creation around me: We're going to go deep, See creation around me - the iteration of Phoenix Envy sings. We're going to go deep into the mantle, we're going to go deep into the mantle: We're going to go deep forming the day and the night - we're going to go deep, forming the day and the night."

Red Shadow Omni is holding the perplexity personified in a microphone: What are you going to do Omega?" The cerebrum of Omega wonder's back and forth to see blank, a neither perpetuating the complexity of nothing: The movement gestures of Phoenix Envy are with Omega Wintersnightinggale! "I'm going to go deep in creation!" (Definition of usage - creation is defining Omega simultaneous with god!)

A male figure is migrating migration transcendence: "This is Omega, formation of the sea - There Have And Forever Will Be!" Perspective changes to a female seemingly to be the trusted outstanding voice of the Expiration Of Guiding Light, a divinity female who's the interchangeable member of Phoenix Envy.

Such a stronganeous voice, fulfilling the top ampiture of her voice: Going to go deep, going, going to go deep (chorus - Into Creation) - Going to go deep, going, going to go deep (chorus - Into Creation)

Leaves of Cherry Blossoms are Assailing onto the approach: Kara of a god, whereas something - Omega Wintersnightinggale is singing a solo chorus representing what it is whom is God, her mother. "Whereas it is of me, a divinity divination that can never be define, defining, defined. A grace by neither's side, for yaneurabeya form: That tsumari can never be karada."

Omega Wintersnightinggale pearl further onto the grasp of the microphone pertaining it's personification: Pertaining a wonderful one-hundred percent pitch, that's constantly capable by the young child - By creation of, soba hitori to what it sutotomoniare clave to be God. A devi to create a entire of atom, a crystal tier shouchuunotama kekka. A novelty forming into cry, tempo-ing the pertains neither to be.

"Tempo-ing the universe: La, La, La, La. Cool to hot: The sun pouring fire has so, ..... A atom to a matter of youuuu."

The Cherry Blossoms leaves are glistening the floor, Phoenix Envy together are stomping on the floor: Though creation is about to begin!

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