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The Stone Throwers:
A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders

My Purple Pinky.

I was ushering a show for school children at the Miramar Cultural Center, one morning when I noticed the tip of my 'pinky' finger of my left hand had turned purple! I thought I may have hit against the stairs as I brought children from three schools up to the balcony of the theater. When I got home, and had lunch with Arthur, we took our regular rest on the bed. Usually I would not sleep, but because of all the walking up and down the stairs, I slept soundly. When I woke-up, my 'pinky' was purple!

Arthur drove me to the ER at Memorial Hospital West, and I was admitted overnight as the doctors suspected it was a blood clot. Daniel set-up an IV and brought me on a gurney to room 6025. An internal ultra-sound was taken of my left arm. Vascular surgeon Dr. Rodrigo Fonseco diagnosed tiny clots that went to my little finger and ordered a full body CT scan to rule out any clots in my chest. He ordered the anti-coagulant Plavex. Following the scan, I had to wait a very long time before Jasmine brought me back to my room in a wheelchair.

Arthur had lunch in the cafeteria and came to see me before he went home to rest as neither of us had not slept well the night before. I was seen by hand specialist Dr. Kaplan, who told me that he had seen this before, but usually in diabetic and kidney patients. He ordered an echo-cardiogram and a warm blanket for my pinky. The nursing care was professional except for on one occasion, when a PCA came to take blood. Despite the very large sign above my bed stating not to touch left arm, she was going to take blood from that arm. Fortunately I was conscious and able to point out the sign to her. She had to go into two veins before she got the blood sample.

On Sunday Nurse Izolene gave me the great news that I would be discharged today.

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