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The Stone Throwers:
A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders

Elvis Has Left The Building- April 10th 2016.

Last night arond 8 pm, I heard this beautiful bird-song outside our screen-door. As I approached him, he did a little side shuffle and disappeared. He flew straight into out apartment and settled on an arrangement of dried flowers, before taking flight again to alight on the ceramic dog by our front door. That's when I was able to catch him.

I put him into a small bird-cage ornament and went downstairs to put up a sign for his owner on the notice board. When I came back in, he had flown the cage! I searched everywhere and finally found him sitting on my laptop. I covered him with a throw and pondered as to how we could keep him safe. I found an old cooking pot that we intended to throw away, and put him in it. I covered it with orange netting that was a bag that had contained tangeloes. I fed him some tiny bread crumbs and made a water container from a plastic water bottle and hoped that we would not be kept up all night by his screeching!

He never made a sound all night! Arthur gave him the name 'Elvis', after his uncle Joe's parakeet that he rememberd from years ago. I went online to try to identify if he was a parakeet or a budgie and when I played the videos of their sounds, 'Elvis' chirped along with them - that was hilarious!

On Sunday I was volunteering at Flamingo Gardens and decided to bring 'Elvis' with me to donate to the Avery - you are missed 'Elvis'!

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