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The Stone Throwers:
A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders

Phoenix Envy - Seasons Metal

There are always stories, conspiracy tales to which may hidden to stories: The seasons change rapidly, the temple's height and lower are of and thereforth of - the temple's of highest are the warm seasons' and of the lowest, are the lowest temple's to the sea. Adjourn abberation is Omega, a suppose supreme goddess of all the season's, a individual temple for the warm seasons' and the simeous sovereign sovereignty temple for temperance seasons': To what is?

Solid State, the Kunoichi Hanamachi are adjourned publicly by the Islands of Phoenix Sakura: Neither to documentation nor to constitution. The military of the Kunoichi Hanamachi were resoluted, pertaining in job and agreement with respect, a fortitude of substantiation of agreement: Hereby agreements of Islands of Phoenix Sakura aerial companies couldn't have been done without agreement by the Kunoichi Hanamachi - So the Kunoichi Hanamachi lived in communities. Solid State, it's my name!

Our civilization, precipitous as company, has a media storage technology that will have larger capacity than our competitor: One of the major investor contributors' are refusing the finished development prototype disc's in favor of - to what is stated, solid state, or that it is and don't forget to usage of first person perspective to view access code.

The rhythm of deceit and deception, Ge - Gang - Gong Deep Surrounded ( Deep Kick from Omega Lewis ) is walking migrant step in ascension/dissension contort towards the sun.

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