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The Stone Throwers:
A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders

Phoenix Envy: Primary Phoenix

ISBN: 978 - 1 - 365 - 03424 - 4

Cometh, Beauty: A beginning is ominous, strafe stray of: Of matter, supremacy is the fathoming! Of the beginning, templating tense presence bewildering wilderness is a clear purity Cometh lamination: Ominous singularity amidst, ominous singularity secrecy - creating the defining, Is beauty, creating the divination.

Cometh, beauty: Within the materialization of Scarlet, Within is the beginning, whereas is the mannerism perpetuating on the strings conjuring - To assailance, whereas is blooming. Adjourn the splendor of Scarlet, the novel nova is destining to its ..... is definable to which is ferability swade onto the arterior must be define that is which inclusion is within its sovereign perpetuating the possibility of definition: template the beginning, the pivotable aviate the beginning. Cometh, beauty: A beginning is emptiness, yielding stray of all things - Of matter, there is the coming of apparition! Of the beginning, there's a blank purity Cometh reading lost for neither is or has been the ominous, gain, simile for odd staining in mysterious: Art to ominous creation, art to ominous congregating - it is unbeknownst, there is the abstaining of make to ominous. It is bewildering, there is ominous of - limitless/limiting. The form is bewildering wilderness, there is the restraining to abberation of ominous: It is wilderness, of the form adjourn of ominous - for what is known for upon the denses restraining of shape, there is the restraining volume too. Ominous, the sub-longevity of ominous is a lare of sub-orientation/boundless subjectionation: It is wilderness ominous inferring there is a that, protruding to ominous - it is ominous, the concurrences, that ominous is to the con creation of the -

Cometh, Beauty: Ominous the dilation is inaugural.

Cometh, Beauty: Apparition is giving for ought of itself.

Cometh, Beauty: To substantiate whereas or whereas is - to substantiation. A building whereas into that is and neither to yet it is: To describe whereas is and neither, it is whereas to describe - a definition is whereas essential or the furthest essential portion of creation, building a "define" is given. The outstanding is whereas is and whereas neither, the formality is and the initial inaugural is the define that is giving - the whereas is undefinable, the define to all is rise and rise is nothing, whereas is and neither. The define is whereas, giving to the define to is base: Furthering the essential portion of creation, it is or is it possible for the Supremacy of entity to create itself - it is to define. Define is and whereas/neither, it is define that whether is - creating first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh dimensions simultaneously and the possibility of a twelfth & thirteenth dimensions. Ark is the causing of igniting, causing the creation of atom: A causing, when the dimensions is being creating - to define is being. To cause, the appropriation that Supremacy is creating its build: To define is neither, providing prevalent, whereas. The essential portion of creation in being is copying, a rise, to the creating of the first dimension to the possibility of the thirteenth dimension causing simultaneously temperance and a explosion.

Into the myth of temperance arrival in the assernity of the particles forming matter. Sector forming onto another, separation of vessel Videlicet is a term infinity in its definition to such that is and never defining in its appearance: Temperance forming only a facet over. Into the loft of the cherry blossom leaves, there's a resonance of voices resound resoluting the absolution zero is the day tis the exemplification edification in the shining shimmering compult a ways. The mere tilt straying slumber, beginning the universe's connectivity to the spring: There's a indifference between, the momentarily pasture, resonating another beginning: Tis the day, tis the morning, tis the light shining tis the night! (Another, chapter - Phoenix Envy.)

To what is war

To what is war

Scarlet Phoenix, wrote - " Temperance in Jade of what the concretion of humans is in Jade at the beginning of its creation: There may have been a singularity, a single human, amorous to humans acclimate on the perplexity summit - to rise, yet, yet to rise - Jade is a perplexity, singular to the sovereign and sovereign to the singular connotation. Jade is in its temperance, temperance to Jade proportioning to what is the sole admiralty of humans to its stellar - though it is a singularity, from beginning till the dawn that the morning is beginning to its ending of what is think of a genius dominance/supremacy that causes its own ending: Temperance of Jade that it is its own, the making concretion of whereas bewildering bewilderment wondrous - a carving of " At Last " or Alice and Berry Orchid to its Glory Glorious that is to what is the concretion of humans, beginning in its beginning; a singularity, presence may or there may have been? A singularity of humans, abstracting substantiation straying humans - to its whether thou though, humans, at its beginnings, we're a scavenging specie's.

Day is the dawn morning of - the concretion architecture archage landage, of whether that is the defining divine defining. A whether of a requirement, need, or want - a dawn in the creation day morning the day in the genius dominance/supremacy, morning into the sunrise; evening into the sunfall: Cause becoming through - Uh to Scarlet, morning to the night, Scarlet to the shimmering star. Ah, Scarlet shining in the denses coheeding as a star: Star precipitous of flare that is a flare that humans ate always, coherence on the beginnings - humans were always eaten, of what did humans eat? The dominance of technology is whereas, alone, the species of humans were of - alone as a singularity, alone is a singularity, always, a species of humans were perspective to the vantage dawn of a singular momentum crest of art givings! Of - Uh, Scarlet, shining shimmering singling the dawn of nigh entering the sun into the sky, bursting graspes, it is " To " that's defining - the presence is there whereas where with all, only a singularity, plentiful is the personifying personification as a dawn; precious to the omni nation elation omnivore of archage elaborating that is or whereas is - it is to " To " that is whereas is, bursting, presence is abberation of the above radiant star and aberrant as the sea, a nighting Gail of season; a sea in the such is the possibility illustration literative! A bursting to grasp, a star that is precious to the becoming beginning of the genius dominance/supremacy, precious alone is whereas precious that is of ought singularity whether weathering precipitous as a star illuminating illumination onto beauty. Deeming, then, what is beautiful - shining to what, star, the temperance can conclude a apple falling Videlicet the literal perpetuation of food! To what is the defining to what is appetite, the crest is of the limitless: For what is it of the materialization - Beauty beautiful of a star, shining in the creation concretionary of space in its materialization. horizon met in the Inaugural inauguration of creation that it is a beginning: The initial materialization of space, the shining dawn whereas creation where beauty is - ignition temperance of beauty, forming for the sky and sea will meet in coinciding correlation that is the admittance of beautiful beauty. Shining illumination illuminating is the dawn, exposure laying bare baring tenkai tsukuri building is dangling sorosoro in kotonookori: To shine the dangling light, illumination lay baring bare of particles of sand forming creation illuminating to the dawn temperance in the burning exposure development concretion - wary light being building of the sea that is the development of three dimensional shape, compression/decompression in the initial particle of atom, that is the baring conceptualization of sovereignty as God. Sol just the name - Scarlet Phoenix.

Setting settling onto whether or rather it is or is neither, during the inter sequence: Can be defining, that it is neither and a form is can only be neither - The definitive defining is, the singular singularity is God. How do you write a song? Sing upon the birds on the horizon, though they are not phoenixes: Move beyond your assertions, though they are fire! For creation is art thou,

For the tenses of the beautiful, if it was for ought giving given on the distinction of the singular star, on the helm of such, giving it clear over: The summit is ought of a land untouchable, it's Definitive must be given defining definition. The art clave is of the seasons', the morning is new over just: The clear distinction is giving, the light over water is giving every duration day. The morning is turning over to beginning, temple tempest the star dawn: Temperance on the water con..... from light, terration is on the inclinementation in the singular singularity of temperance - acclimate on the seasons'. Star site the dawn, covering all the water l.... in the areas of: Principal restraining onto the s...d, Star shining site of dawn, shining embridle sun of within conceptualization personifying if it is to personify it is in light glimpse glimmering of every seasons'. The surface of complexity : The light settles over, sun star, until it's completion.

For the tenses of the beautiful, the air is clean: For the mere day is upon the night and the day, the bisk leap far out of the pond. Yet a river remains, tilts the day, there is the apparition of my father a spirit - lone the brisk of shadows. For many, the tasks aren't comfortable: The tears bloom off the cherry blossoms, arie are the depths below the sea and to it's definition, lare my destinations of the infinity gather within and without absolution.

Should rationality pior creation, congregating a beginning lessening a end: Tilt the sea drops, pouring over the congregational flare. Bringing the encompassing flare, endeavoring steps: Each trapidate the within all of atoms. Iniquitous encompasses a facet, becoming: forging the starlight bringing.

Cometh, Beauty: Within meaning - Rising, there is a protrudence to rise - upon the sacred lariation precediating creation within concretion befilde of a pivotation and a clear pivotally of parallel simile tense pasture. Of a beckoning lariation, there is a singularity, within its befilde to rise: The rising concretion is a pariance of and beginning, conformity to which is a beginning simeous to a ending - laring the perimeter is at the end, adversary to the immediate beginning. To which it is to rise - is a pariance, ominous to any ending, adversarious to its ending is immediate. To which all causes are of a rise adversive, there a rise to a beginning connotative to the ending is ominous the same creation. To which is barren, must rise: It is a concretion of stillness, the pivotation to rise. There's a pivotation open, it is ominous - the immediate correlation of a beginning to the ending. The parallel conformities is a stall to rise, it is obliteration: Chaos asserts that a rise must be pivotal to movement! For the secrecy is befilde of a rise: Rising upon the sacred beginning: For thou concretion is upon the conjecture octave to the lariation - if it has begun when will it begin. Rise upon the illusionary equivalency equilibrium: To which it is clave the sature of the reaches is upon forth and be claven equivalency equilibrium, to define is divine divination ominous - within is quandary, riden within stillness, catering forth is a inclination to remain beset or befilding to rise. The enigma is clear, lariation the inclinementation of conjuration: To precediate a rise is a lariation of a clave equivalency equilibrium.

Cometh, beauty: A accursory arceous is forious adjunctionary, to which behold the beginning is levying and art clave to rise. There's a prevalence to which the beginning is indifference of if upon a connotation of rise: To the clear pivotation of

Beginning onto the temperance that illuminating, beckon sol illumination: Sol simplistic orbit of celestial morning. And the morning is the orbit writing into the night, whilst celestial into being: The night is resonance onto darkness, beautiful is solemn singularity. Divine divination of the night meeting the day, day meeting the night divine videlicet singularity night/day glimpsing at the celestial sky: Beginning of seasons'! The day temperance the night, the night temperance the day between the divine divination creation of the sea: The day darling temperance the night, the night darling temperance the day.

What is, the mere proportioning the perpetuation of quandary: On the set of temperance, thriving onto the Beset of light and darkness, creation to what it may or beginning, in site of creation realm in area to that is: Creation onto the beginning. To what is inter creation light of quandary and within the querying of what is, presence is there entailing that is: Night shall pare the horizon, a tempest upon the mysterious creations preceding: adrift is the night upon it's birth, nigh upon concretion. Set upon the sol, willowing a path or passageway that's either nigh upon it's acknowledgement. Set upon the blair, visualizing a flare: the soul is precipititious to the horizon, a inauguration is within a Aurora accumulous to the mist of clouds. Pare not or Weaver of civilization's dreams, inspiration party dreams upon the stratus beyond the barrier: to the distinction of civilization's soul transitioning pasture upon a tense of past, present, and future. Reconstituting Ascension revolutes a Valkyrie named nightfall. Rise upon the sun, fire is blooming adversary to the rose bud resonating it's distinction upon a dawn: contrary to the sunfall, prism to the mysterious whereas within it all, being night. Destine thou blooming of a sun, blooming a rose: thou night shall not whither without apprehending thou sunfall giving it light. Pare that tempest precipitation, flourishing thou cherry blossom leaves upon a breeze or wind. Fire shall precede within predictions upon a fiery of sol magnitude flares: the storm is radiant toward the pasture partying the horizon of the past, present, and future. Pouring quandary onto the literary of being. Proportioning that is within its rationalization: Conjuring of being, it is the omnient of. Proportioning Beginning, setting the tempest

Darkness beautiful, there is neither horizon: Be, barence concretion, it - For form baring the concretion formative to lim concreting atom and formation into atom. The burning is a flare scarlet temperance set by over the dov.... Radiance shall being, beautiful, for the immendience of another tradivates - The strafes of concretion immenientation piercing a radiance of - befalling to the pasture laring a sacred plateau, distal it rises. For form of intignition, forming to be, forming it is to be initial: Forming of temperance decise in being. Tradivates the blooming of the day, a migrant glimmer burst of a Omen: Burst as a for ever temperance templating ..... The bloom is a lit sketch darkness for it's/it is, a being onto the first day that is, illumination perpetuating the morning of the lighting day: A tempest brightening resonance tripling the vector archage of illuminations, the midrift between spring and summer - there's a rise.... A strafe strout within the laring lariations of bloom, fondling the momentum of light transpassing upon the tempest protruding tense: It is ought the flare of the pasture, peritierative of the flow of spring -- Into the loft of cherry blossom leaves, there's a resonance of edification exemplification. To verbalize onto the solemn of the sol, lair light enlightenment: Solemn a depiction of god verbalize within, resonance within - Solemn of light illuminating within soul resolution that singularity of yet parallel won't let it stray, variance encumbrance of god - Being my mother, being within being face yet ones' seasons' being of god. Shall the voice en kindle, should it be being, the resonance combinates congregating: If it should be or literative soul resonate the being the illuminating light of god - For set of being, plane carrying ought singularity forming thou to being, forming the star. Scarlet, housing the solar variance within: Inaugural flare of being, singularity galence within the care blooming rose. Solemn singularity of Maravilloso tellurium of hearth,
neither fortune, neither storm, neither how! Know change has a plan, cannot be nor nigh assailing the passage of human acclimate: For that fortune can bequeath any change, seasons' brings the tao inaugural new - Uh darkness queen! Baring the crystal privil personification, creating conceiving conception - temperance/illuminating, levitating the born stroud of plane. The clouds beseech a dream, unlike any man: There's a path or passage, young infant - by your own creation, somewhere out there. Hold out your voice, silence allocates it to sing creating a hearth: Upon a promise, star every star has a sweet cool. Somewhere out there: To the figurative rationalization within, glimpse closed, Hold out your hands. Near a star, both close and a far: Glowing closer, closer on the significant God's land: Allocate reminiscence, allowing upon remembrance parallel onto the singularity art thou chosen. Allowance upon remembrance, burning a fire shirring and bright: Uh, the singularity be art thou princess queen! Somewhere upon the stars is your dream! Upon the distant star: Burning a hearth, where is art thou your heart? Uh, distant star: Is your heart? Allotting a star both near and far, twilight is your dance: stillness of a stance. Twilight your stance: Is a humble dance, uh sacred star arise from your heart: Burning within the might of a star. Burning bright: From the dawn until the night, raising the land beknownst to be holly. Sacredness within a darkness butterfly! Forging keen kindling, without nigh: Never willing to pasture forgetfulness. Pivotatication seasons', mirroring fringe on matter how! There's a distant proclamation of a name: A tempest temperance of a temple parallel to the anon burning within, a tempest Transference on a change. When the matterism is elative into a atom elaborating the iteration to create mechanism. Lim into the temperance/illuminating burning congregating correlation - burn into silhouette, creating the possibilities of materialization - burning sovereign, It is to build, create onto the summit that neither not: Onto the plain, carrying the aura - mechanism of creation. Congregation congregating, build onto the wondering plain plane to neither - a cause of the sky iterating the land, of the sky personifying celestial/celestial of the momentary sky iteration (jouji) the land. Build, onto distinction - Videlicet art can claim, glimmer gaze glimmering creation of atoms before and now that are sand, And tinsil of the beginning. To which is And, for that is creation is the Moon shine stars if it is to iterate the beginning dawn of the creation stagnant of the individual singularity that is god/supreme goddess of all creation that (izure ryou) is taking a form is tinsil of beginning. And, now is the creation of the atom: Before which is eve, only neither since the day has yet to begin/commence (hajimaru). Secret duration of the star, creation created in neither: Auspicious star of all creation.

Summit over the concrete creation of land, the magmatic volume is tier on creation: Star light singularity of a star that izen creation of the universe, creating of the universe is of a star and inclinementation is of being. Adroitly settling of the star, over the horizon:

Burning within the singularity materializing to be me, a fire burning unbeknownst beknown that didn't know: There's your dream, burning a horizon blaze. Follow everywhere it goes, uh burning kindling within the singularity congregating ampiture: Uh, singular darkness queen! Won't you fly, burning a horizon blaze: There's a Burning come of mai heart, near and far! Where every encumbant blazes congregation creating a hearth of a star. Beyond the path of any common man, burning star: Whenever is your heart! Shine your wings bright: Uh, my darkness night! Burning bright upon this night, rising fire encumbering sol: Our house is your land, upon every man. Fulfill your perplexing set, fulfill the dawn of dream: Sun long shall prolong your internal song, Midrift summon!

The temperance/illuminating becomes singularity, temperance night onto the day: Day becomes night, becoming beginning - ending within the flower jasmine becoming the day, blooming of the sea. Beautiful within singularity, midrift is of seasons': Sakusei sousaku, the water yarimizu shitamiza de motte kankyoudukuri the sea and the sky, light on the jiban of creation - beautiful, the darkness is creation light sarinagara is still light. Blooming creation of gesture movement, a light nuke hana

Temperance/Illuminating garagara, settling all - night of, setting light beginning creation: And of, singularity is within. A manner of light, settling current - If though it was instantaneously tsukurimono, light is the creation of the sea: Being erupt in a flare encumbrance emblem, the sea was needed of a Omen to be. The sea molded the supreme god into being, For it was a imagination that was needed: Darkness beautiful, ashidori onto the flare of light.

End sun bent by creation, light geography of - that the infinity city was a creation of light, Sol darkness light Sol light onto darkness creation of singularity. Creation of the sea, darkness onto the light sakibutori toosu seiritsu hissatsuwaza en of darkness onto the silhouette creation of the sea: Darkness nashite shouminkan into concretion, uh beautiful darkness and into the darkness, light.

Darkness forming into concretion, beauty of light: Shalt it be a sol, forming silhouette/light of a sun - darkness shall it be supremacy, silhouette beauty of singularity within. That it shall, being shouminkan of singularity: Sono Shi-Mukyuu. ........

The shi- gijutsutekitokuiten of beauty,

Light is the inaugural, to be - limitless/limited, to be within the defer or deferral defining. To be within the Singularity of one, to be within one: Singularity, to is singularity whelm onto To - For being is futeikei and kakuteikyoshutsuneikin.
Darkness is the night illuminating illumination over the horizon tier all term of illumination illuminating, light is the inaugural dawn beginning: Darkness is the sea of light that came, over if the qwell of light came beneath first. Burning atoms into birth, it is a autonomy for sand: It is a section for sand, it is within the singularity of being - whelm to what being is. It is within singularity, divine divination, it is beautiful: Decise on, to which it is - That, must be it is. It is to define, mere proportioning Beginning built editification of it is, that emblem conceptualization: The singularity of it is, built, it is - it is machination of Decise divination onto defining.

Within realm of darkness, there is of beautiful

Beautiful is Decise, the universe it is to be born or risen: Beautiful onto creation, Decise it is light - The metaphysical or connotation of being, beautiful is that it is physical being. It is, to define defining being - silhouette is Decise of, it is, singular. Light defining Decise of the metaphysical, defining Decisination light silhouette: To be

Darkness beautiful, within being of creation light: Shall it or is it, to whelm, it is divination of singularity - The light is a sea, creating the sea as light - It is to, beautiful, to it is. Beautiful, singularity within videlicet it is Decise: It is within videlicet parish, defining machination

Darkness over, the beauty beautiful, it is - being, endless beginning sand Decise creation. It is to Decise, If being creation, barence light decise: For what is light, beautiful darkness - light realm onto darkness beautiful, keying onto what is the fabrication of god. Darkness beautiful within me is the conception of a literal god, it is: Singular singularity of within that is me or is it god?

Beautiful it is, darkness Decise of - defining within its to it is, of Decise metaphysical, creation is being. Beautiful is darkness decise onto definition, it is: Metaphysical/Physical constant menination conjuring

Beautiful is onto blair of connotation, within realm resonance : The light of the sea bloom Omega, resonance is bloom of its own. Darkness beautiful, darkness Omega gesturing movement of it is: Darkness is the burning resolute creation, endless beginning conjuring it is limiting/limitless, singular to the congregation of others'.

Darkness beautiful is blair on my step is flexeril flare,

Night is the day, day is the night, the step are being creation as step is: Step bequeath are a flare, rampart on the new beginning - beginning being, the spark flare is conceptualization for ought congregation of God is simeous. The creation of God is simultaneous, the flaring spring is the sea silhouette to initial beginning: The secrecy of God, the sea, saw determinating metaphor was ought first - The mother grace to which isn't a metaphor for not being seen, light flew from god creating Omega. Ever is resonance for presence is though thou with all seems in ex consider defining whether or rather, step is thou vision of the beginning that Omega was born Beset with God by God: That the beautiful darkness entailed for such is only metaphor, reasoning metaphysical - The new born universe was entangled of human born in God. Omega doesn't speak on her own, not without the congregation of others': Amongst the star, barence in the - to it is, beautiful darkness. A indulgence of singular, indulger of celestial singularity condemnation for that is: /Sought in wilderness of definition, grace onto my resonance - barence is powerful, darkness beautiful. The night steps Beginning, Swindle onto me, nigh night

Sol iteration of the day sun as light onto the makings of grace glory God:

Art of, giving nigh of reasoning:

And if darkness blooms onto that day/night that is a night/day, then let the cherry blossom leaves bloom: For the Befalling is, ever defining, nigh to and encumbant ever vascent - darkness, rise, it is Silhouette to infer that which never was and yet to be created, creating onto And, of the Befalling initial being of God.

Darkness is never nor being of And, the forging contailing beginning: Resonance shall equivalent equilibrium on a abstain if it might yet nigh is silhouette and forth never is or has came, beautiful darkness.

To the tense of night, light shining day: The day is in-between, to the tense of day - light shining night, always in prayer. Of the Nightinggale, the light always shine in the darkest darkness depth silhouette darkness to the light barence contract eternal/infinity: Nay shall darkness ever come over, for darkness is indeed Omega - The Befallen has rise, Befalling is risen And Befalling of the whilst within that is god of all and goddess of all, within the singularity of life/death, the conceptualization that God has gave. And so Befalling has fall, falling as the darkness befall: The area realm of may what, wondrous, wonderful of such beautiful, wonderful night/day tilling day/night as eternity/infinity divination divine divinity as the depths talk celestial of the sol is a spirit apparition fathoming phantom definitive One True Queen - Supreme Maravilloso Teologia set is declaration is art ought thou God.

Morning day, beautiful darkness, night of morning into the day of night: Solemn of the night that is the day, resonance of the illuminating seasons' - amperage of a branch lineage of god that is the day between eternity and infinity, a step of elegance walking onto beautiful darkness. Solemn of the day to which is night, forever is a concretion devise videlicet of the bewildering wilderness that there is a infinity and eternity: Resonance on that devise is a panel pressing onto the abilities of a seasons' forever Nightinggale, forever to redefine conceptualization - creation onto the night is the day, the sea is the creation of God and human, yielding both the elegance charisma of the morning and the darkness. To which the day is met, creation onto the night: Till the day, creation is of human - And onto the plain may resound, over the creation of God. And yet not, the One True Queen: Still human speaks of ever rest of god - forever Omega has been god, walk onto the plain of the Fictional. Speak of god, civilization shall speak of .... Creation onto the day is the night, to which the night is met and the sea is creation of May, the beautiful spring between the seasons' - forming to which is seemingly human.

Night Befalling, day Befallen onto the morning - if day is the night over ever limitless/limitedness, if the night is to bewilder realm area site wilderness art ...

Should the night beg onto the day, begging for vitality: Begging for life, if life was within then what does life beg for - if there's a indifference on the night, then what of the day and within singularity, the sun shines celestial of ought being or what quandary onto the first morning videlicet the beginning illumination of The One True Queen was the first wake of the sea. Pouring as if it was the sea, a infant set to be so beautiful: The quandary blooming leaves of cherry blossom, life and death - for this is the inauguration of the soul, beautiful darkness. Beautiful darkness onto the beginning sight of god, beginning opening eyes: The living site of the One True Queen/Supreme Maravilloso Teologia, creating my individual and singularity with stand: A created place by the individual for eternity.

Sol, such darkness be beautiful: The seasons' are by, by the spring blooming a waterfall - temperance onto transference, clave shall be creation.

Such is a simplistic inter myth writing on the orbit of designation be beautiful: Shall be the orbit of the sun, darkness be that capacity - Such are true Eternity.

The inter relations begins with the beginning, true Eternity are such or of - the interplications sole of being. Solemn in truth, solemn in exemplification to lariation of being: Distinct in the name of being, shall it credence be of god - the orbit of a moment, beginning, blooming like a waterfall.

Beautiful darkness, over the land binds such darkness beautiful: Designating the elegance, onto the stair re- of the beautiful darkness into the celestial fathoming apparition of and seasons' eternal tenure defining designation definition of land and archage. Onto the myth of land and archage, a waterfall forming creation from light simeous the water blooming flow is light - life and death migrates/walks with the singularity of divination dividing god or such is individuality, with the blooming flow of water.

Solemn falling - Befalling, secular infinity/eternity on the light falling. A singularity before creation and after creation, beautiful darkness: A ominous beside the striving formation of god - For god was already created.

Darkness, beautiful and till onto the perplexity of make, that presence is or is it neither simultaneously art that thou is defining divinity and usher the first movement being: Thou has created light, thou has created thou self. Beautiful, darkness, beautiful that it is inauguration, being onto neither or for explanatory, a clarity though it's defining - neither is and darkness, beautiful, darkness for art thou perplexity of make that presence is or is it creation that is Singular defining.

Darkness, uh, beautiful - it is to that the sea forming to be the being in capability of Omega, formalize itself. Thou it is the sea conjuring as light, it is the One True Queen/Supreme Maravilloso Teologia who created creation: Uh, beautiful! Grace adversary yielding adventurous deeming the light, and then, mysterious Omnient notion/denotation meaning: Inaugural beginning, spark flare on the beginning - Dark is the night, night is the day onto the meaning And to the counter cassion of meaning, formative to composition and beautiful darkness defining definitive mark of creation.

Darkness fathoming phantom of a personifying butterfly, light is creation, shadow the beginning: Creating the sea, to which is bellows onto the darkness blooming form and sol of it's distinction kind - And sol marble to all creations of the recent universe, distinctions carry strafe to the con creation of atom. Perversion to god, of all and indicate intermediation permersion of all simeous to beginning.

Divination is though forming fading onto rise.

Beginning is the beauty, of - Uh, Scarlet, shining shimmering personifying personification as a dawn precipitous as a star illuminating illumination onto beauty. Beauty beautiful of a star, shining in the horizon met in the Inaugural inauguration of creation that it is a beginning: The initial materialization of space, the shining dawn whereas creation where beauty is - ignition temperance of beauty, forming for the sky and sea will meet in coinciding correlation that is the admittance of beautiful beauty. Shining illumination illuminating is the dawn, exposure laying bare baring tenkai tsukuri building is dangling sorosoro in kotonookori: To shine the dangling light, illumination lay baring bare of particles of sand forming creation illuminating to the dawn temperance in the burning exposure development concretion - wary light being building of the sea that is the development of three dimensional shape, compression/decompression in the initial particle of atom, that is the baring conceptualization of sovereignty as God. Sol just the name - Scarlet Phoenix.

Setting settling onto whether or rather it is or is neither, during the inter sequence: Can be defining, that it is neither and a form is can only be neither - The definitive defining is, the singular singularity is Supremacy. Form in matterism materialization, form in - form into the formative concretion that is the formative of neither! Silhouette, shall or it is - For creation is art thou,

Befalling yet and Befallen, illuminating flare illumination' precipitating atom formation into atom formative of particles of sand: Onto substantiating cove in-between the light of the sun, beautiful darkness, shall light be creating - sunlight of the dawn set sun esperance illumination - flamboyance of light, sun ever grace glamour golden still prave aerial concretion temperance blooms interplication of sakari leaves of jewels into the blooming of crystal particles sea commending of the areas sky sun bend on the horizon of artesian.

Fading onto the rise for which is the portisequese of imporical or exertive of such autonomy form forming forge in the cohesion exemplifying form of what to what form, divination in the defining that it is to define correlating what onto it is definition or creation - to what is or the mere of being in the protrusion of what mire onto To What is a edification divination from neither - contray explorative conjuration of rise: Mere in the wake of construction that it may divination define Conjudence, of Eternity - God - Infinity god, forming neither lesser surface of being.

Cometh, Beauty: Within meaning - Rise, defining is a protrudence to rise. Upon the sacred lariation precediating creation within the concretion befilde of a pivotation, divine divination definitive: A clear parity of parallel resonance tense pasture. A accursory arceous is forious adjunctionary, to which is defining of beginning and domain: Cometh, beauty. Domain, prevalence to which the beginning is indifference of if upon a connotation of. If it is that it is neither yet it is, that the frontality of space is concretion initial beginning: If is neither, yet it is that neither a form is - The beginning of the Fictional. It is, neither, is it creating creation - Is, define it is or is it - con creation, it is or is it! Of the beckoning lariation, domain is a singularity, within its befilde to rise: The rising concretion is a pariance of and beginning conformity to which is omnient to a beginning simeous to a ending, To which end is a beginning. To the clear pivotation of ominous beginning, ominous ending: Laring the perimeter is at the end inter variance to the immediate beginning. Rise of beginning, For which conjecturing convenant adeptation are prevalent upon to it is to rise is a pariance ominous ending - which ever causes are of a rise is a pariance ominous any ending: Singularity concredence to its ending is immediate. To which ever immense are of a rise adversive, domain, a rise to a beginning connotative to the ending is definitive defining Within:

Beauty is the beginning for the blooming admitity to rise: The burning ignition is indifference parishon for rise - To the factoral state arbitary to the rational being, substantiating conjuring being creation of an offset. To which the kuugeki variance nakerebanaranai be a dance! The inter all zairyou state arbitary rationality of being is a ending and a beginning. To a ending, the admitity is to rise: Of a apron explanatory upon its way eventually assorting rationality yet beginning without no reason -- Of reason perpetuating of the raising rising veil. To a ending, there's a aper versant cohesion baring: To end, there must be a beginning -- For the blooming admitity to rise, forth which there's a expedition to raise stouting the forements of a rise. Of the onset, there's a incoming dawn to lether a burning inconspicuous between parallel encompassing desiring to gather fathom. Forth which there's a expedition to a raise stouting the forements of a rise - is a rise from the connotation raise, To pantheon of a rise, the rise is a admitity.

For beauty, is omnious
And for beauty, sacred is the secrecy personifying moments that pertain waiting define.

For beauty, the peddle of neither is ambiguity and is only being.

For beauty, the miracle is creation simeous born

For beauty, supremacy is ought of - pertaining to all. If ominous is a background, singularity is only: Can be of - defining self. Divine divination of a opposition aspect of every, essence of being, for thy creation has been with one. Know thy domain keying it is or for it, to be being - strafe opposition, giving thy name substantiating joust to any other than thy name is risen.

For beauty, of supremacy is a clarity forming of realm

For beauty, For the creation of the admitity conceptualizing surplex: The perplexity is upon transformation and transference -

Forth shall accompany ominous than the preemptive nigh

The mantle is within the encumbrance of or is only, neither: That boding into on a personifying pillar, to the assortion is and fray signification, to defining definition, that is accompanying only to beginning. To mantle of beginning, a mannerism personifying a female taught simile a congregating creating figurative glass reflective of what is the beginning: The definitive of two mannerism personifying twins, the mantle array seems to be lair or the proponent binding of beginning, zero zenith that is defining so beyond sub-atomic that it could only be beginning.

Forth periculated a preemptive rise

Forth shall such or fabrication of being, Forth shall such wary: Foreboding templates.

Illumination of light creating, siting as the creation of darkness forms the days: Vantage to the aspects giving, if it is to adversarial parallels - template is it the one or others'. Opposition is ominous, opposition shall strafe be given: For the others' are the only one and the one is giving in the true name of resonance temperance template dwelling creation through the cosmos forged onto itself. Breaching on a barrier - it created itself. The day is singular, Personify, the eyes of the universe is being created in light.

Forth which is absent, realm over before and prior, the eyes of the universe are open.

There is willary.

Blaring strings

Upon the hemis of a underlayering boundary
Steeming ominous of creation,
Or template rather proportion it will exist: Of revelation, template temperance is existence.

Beauty is the beginning star en terring the sky, art artiliana on the morning creation of the acclimate universe.

The eye tiers of the one breaking into the congregation of the celestial to poir over the conjuration of the universe: To which it is a sol, inter making the fabrication to be. Lair over the allusion make, the tier is congregative mannerism materializing from bloom and dust: A parallel distinction, kindling a barnering

The writing of a simplistic name is the orbit of the sun and moon: The will of the standardarity state is the encumbant distinction of the congregating beginning iterating a ending destinating universe, to the name of the universe has distinction interlaying the creation of atoms: It is the name erupting into supremacy, iterating the possible name is god. To the Scarlet conformations conform congregation beginning to warm yet simultaneously cooling into the credence of creation: The name is before apparition, a orbit summiting the suggestion of vitality conjuring whether existence is the literative barence of rise, marbling is the inter congregation beginning the combinative sequence for rise. There is within a Scarlet nova, blaring the congregative - For the edification of a King. Shall the king rise, beginning is the connotative of a King: Bringing the connotation of a King - to which is distinction, form of reason carrying the flare of sunlight shining glamour of the sun, shine sun shining sunlight glamour form of a King carrying the form of reason blooming leaves of cherry blossom. Lift civility as a solar flare onto the creation of a summit, perplexing creating in its wake, to form forum of the perplexing pillar carrying into the duration forming into summit. The form forging forum is ought of a King, deeming, in the flourishing glorious of the sun or the dew of the morning - kindling light form onto site. That though illumination may being is a Scarlet star forming sovereign sovereignty onto what is a king.......... For rise.

Do, the edification, decise on being a king - to the creation of civilization being, height on the heaving between that is height in its being forming forge forming Fictional And the height far song is a singing to God - And to the decise of God, within our endeavorance, the civilization is being: Of the forge forging to whether it is creation or divine creation - Owelling the endeavorance of a King or being is the creation of the monarch. Forever is to since, forming philosophy, trace embridle flare of elegance and what it is to creation: Embridle on the star, seasons' are a flare on the correlation correlating creation. To the king, it is to rise upon the sunset horizon - exemplification of a distinction art forming of the sun, in itself creation in the scarlet name of God. The flare is a iteration designating on supremacy or divinity, edification rendering on the star central to the universe. Leaves of Cherry Blossom are flourishing upon the current resonating temperance thoroughly to the conception has pertaken in the form of God - The seasons' are elating elation correlating to the supremacy of the Iterating Sun, the sun onto the creation of the horizon, the creation inaugural beginning is a distinction flare of creation - conceiving conjuration of the inner sanctum, within, rising - therefore thereforth, I'm aware, it is a extraordinary forgery of the settling sun designating: To what must be designating. The temperance of God is to hot to die: The sun awaiting the sun, every morning and every light, every night - the tailing fathom apparition rises to, to the defining form of the sunset onto the horizon. Rise upon the sunset: The flare of a distinction is on in beginning endeavorance to God or the inter sequencing of being, creation being of god, itself sovereignty. Dare neither accumulating of God or dare not of a supreme goddess or divinity, pondering questions in query and query into questions. The birth of existence To what is a king

To the Scarlet rotation, there is the sequencing of the scale burning literating warming it is the embodiment proponent possibility of infinity according the fabrication of equationary equation: Propositioning quandary, the inter congregation congressioning into a apparition is of a burning insignuation contorting simultaneously to a flare: The warming pressing into wings are a burning, spread signification of the iteration to combinate.

Silhouette daunters on the spread, beckoning it is the iteration to rise: Calling onto the encaliation creating emanative thread of congregating creation, it is a warming admenative en calling rise: Ember into the creation of depth by the burning insignuation, sublimating glare. A warming!

The writing of a simplistic name is the celestial incarnation beginning the inaugural congregation to which is the flare conception of the sun, there is within its self a orbit: Flaring the inaugural ignition to be. So the baring to rise, the writings are distinctive of a name: Shall orbit cultivate, there is the external perception of god. Rise, thou faith cultivating the universe: A Scarlet within the proponent possibility of being. Credence is the intern beginnings of the formality of god: For Scarlet is the rising of a name inaugural to creation. Forging onto within that there is the possibility for creation, create onto me thou god: Assailing credence for the universe's creation, forming the archage within creation thou is migrant. There's a literation of equationary equation perpetuating the possibility of space: For which, there's a orbit of a name. There's a commanding of the inner saint of being, rising flare to the ignition of atoms: Rising of a burning into conceptualization. Within the burn, carving a mold of the universe into existence: It is a inaugural burst of conceptualization for the universe perpetuating the destination defining existence.

Allusion of there's a place is a realm, illusion in the secrecy illuminating a hearth: A providence of Where - there's a kindling conjuring....... there's a kindling of the hearth, a orchard secrecy to illuminating illumination light of the One True God, this if it's a hearth: Railing a sun, ominous mysterious - is it a illuminating concretion, there's a concretion creating as illumination, there's a realm creating - encumbant entailing illusion somehow conjuring. A secrecy illuminating, falling upon a star: A hearth that there's a realm, kindling a place where there's a hearth - The sun somewhere, clearing to the sky. Allusion of there's a place is a realm, Of I..., a clarity railing to the sun mysterious ominous. A orchard secrecy, a creation illuminating flare of supremacy forming yet of god,

Blooming within the beauty of a gail orchard perpetuating a garden, There is within a flare of velvet flowers conjuring distinction of a Scarlet: To which there is the nigh of Scarlet blooming on the shard of seasons,

Denotation is the burning flare igniting to the designation of what is a name: To the literal proponent congregating conceptualization, there is within a Scarlet will to rise. For the literative perpetuate a orientation of the initial comprising component, flaring to which is the limmering conceptualization of rise: Caden Scarlet, a glimmer burning the inaugural destination differentiating destinating there is a whether perpetuating quandary.

Blooming onto a singularity star is conjuring the barings of creation, bare on givings faith: Baring singularity with query onto creation Conceptualizing a jewel. The star approach darkness within this embroiderment of a creation of a universe. The darkness seeps parallel in the foiling illumination light: Foiling soul of a apparent parallel conjurence vasking of scarlet, form from me not giving horizon. Designation of God, held the beginning conjuring creation: A singularity of I that is a star conjuring creation's make of the universe versus God. Hold this jewel close to creation - My hearth is parallel creation, a piece of scarlet. Know it nigh, be a embodiment: Creative a claim, wimpering light creation a jewel. The jewel barrens onto itself a scarlet, creation of this universe and I versus God. Decreed onto the singularity of ought thou God: That it's a jewel destinations onto the conjuration of a hearth.

Bloom which flower, presence perils onto distinction: A portion of myself, the stars are amongst the figurative guardians - neither of what it is nor what they ( if any there ) are. Glamour amongst the entailing novella of Jade. The hearth tonsils is the creating skies, a song in creating - a song resonance - a song of celestial being, glimmering stratus which is the coherence of a new day. A accordance into being neither from nor of to - a remedy residing creation creating flare of the hearth tinsils is the skies, creating literating whereas what is to form, sought onto creation form is the sun medley in its forming that it is a celestial being glimmering stratus lamenting it is of the sun that it is forming a perimeter. Hearth stills carrying over - boundary is in creation, a elative in its simile of dance that it carries into creation's ways and barrier, boundary would ( antonym - wood ) be in the concretion that supremacy is art though God tinsils in the creating sky a lability of celestial skies glimmering stratus which is a Omega: The serenity surely of a keystone variance. The sun transpassity gains of rice as sunlight! Pondering the still moment, motionless, it is within itself - the correlating pouring of a saga, dissension, the tense of Bloom tiltering the dust boyce of creation. Within believe of creations sky space -acclimate the willow. The Jade ( besiding perplexity conjures still within the acclimate of a array: To which of it's illuminating stillness is perplexing congregating to art sun is a arch siting the surplex begailing creation is what's sought, saga is nigh narrow befiddle to which is personifying. Gailing gust abberation the pravior is correlating parrying tense. Narrow is nigh site, a saga of that neither forming in perspective, blooming within must aqueous be personification - with the apparition's of, is and thereforth is a narrow marble territory, there is be guiling of a arrangement; clear Magnus of inaugurating cohesion - it is comprising of creation. Bloom which flower, here is my distinction: A portion of myself, the substantial of a burning swan. Revealing its texture onto the Transference of ampiture, imprinting the paragraph of structure is conceived in the name of God. If barence is within the singularity art clave to be me: The apprehension of which is a peacock, alluding beauty. Travel, a stray ink falling dissension onto a pamphlet: Describing myself, forming a city or architecture - To my concretion is god -

Beauty over the connotation filling as sun over Jade, the summit comes over the creation of PhoenixTopian: The apparition of people forming over the perplexity of concretion still summit, the sun parrying acclimate light fathoming the phantom of creation - tense is a template defining and formulating structure, the Sea of Omega forms over apparition. The PhoenixTopian Robots will being constructed.

Clear to the tier is the creation of the sun, desertification never conceiving plain - plain to the flowing of crystal water pertaining a hearth, prevalence of vitality/Providence of galant plane. The art articulating is forming form creation onto a plane, the embodiment of star is a planet, the furnace decretes the temperance is a lava of blue. A alien civilization has had there entire ancestral history and statues diminished due to lava. There society has lost there goddesses, the crown royal family decided to create artificial goddesses by forcing five women to
eat from the dragon cherry blossom leaf. It solidified there hearts, both figuratively and literally and gave them the ability to devour the breeze from other living entities which they used to conquer the entire planet because the living entities because gigantic demons. The planet of Phoenixtopia has fallen!

The humanoid formation of the sun, the nine planets: has omen danced, then let the universe begin. Each planet is a glowing orb bursting as a sun: daughter, stay with me; a while! The quantrum burst of the solar will begin: with a growth of a leaf, burning as a willow as a sun. The sight within perspective is a humanoid adolescent sun laying on her mother's lap, within perspective are nine planets illuminating in q blaze exactly siloquette on the mysterious child's back: so such the roses spread and a temple shall be built, forest all seasons upon salvation.

My life is today, a burst of flame: To our rotation is a dragon, contort to my soul again. Filed besetting, filling the tempest literating temperance light: And sat, onto the aurora - The sky and the ground, there's a tense pasture. - Setting the light, besetting morning: If it is inaugural and sat, onto the aurora, the sky, and the ground: Curiosity tenses a protruding a horizontal movement destinating directional set western and eastern, movement as its momentum forward. Glare at the Phoenix, the wings are spread as a sun: Touching every aspect with its existence. The sky and the ground bloom the beauty of secrecy flowers, clear across the congregating horizon: A veer creation of precipitation, pasture bridge pasteurizing the secrecy of the garden. Baring in reddish-orange, yellowish-orange and a color beckoning me on a dare to rise: Distinctive perpetuation of singularity destinating

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