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The Stone Throwers:
A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders

Phoenix Envy: Room of Omega

Eternity Infinity City

Looking at a Supreme Supremacy statue onto the substantiation to what is thought to be Gaia City, presence is there/there is presence: The Supreme Maravilloso Teogolia pier in as my Great Grandma and there is the Supreme Maravilloso Teogolia pier in as my Grandmother, it's 1927 - a soldier has my Great Grandma's metatarsals, grabbing her hand, leading her off the island - my Grandmother's held by the hand of my Great Grandmother. It was war: The China Civil War, and it is of the perpetuation of ancestry had war association's with Nippon. It is by law that the three oldest child by great descendant blood is royalty.

Forth with upon the adherence of the pasture of seasons'. Forth with: Forth with is within inside blue silhouette creating, manipulation of the sovereignty self - blue creating the sovereign sovereignty of self, manipulation is illustrious, illustrating the summit adversary to the plateau! To which whereas is the beginning, Transference: To which the archage is dialomage, upon which is assailing; Far which the apparition is upon the horizon, gathering whispers of wisdom - For what sails is of the Supreme Goddess's illustrious womb, for form is pregnant is the horizon. Born a infant of - The moment endares a pause for Cometh of: Here and Now, that within me am a sovereign sovereignty of self: Blue to the creating horizon, a season applet on the concretion of Infinity on a walking step migrant - a Infinity Street. Burning, inside me: A burning that there's a womb inside the sovereignty of me, a burning temperance in my womb - a cool fire in my womb, who'd knows the nigh to burn. Transforming the seasons', light sun light illustrious illustration illumination - a candle is lit inside of me. A kindling inside of my womb: Silhouette to the dawn.

Flare the embodiment of me.

Amongst the Cometh are pillars in forming grove's, the illustration of my being. Amongst the Cometh of flowers upon the illustrious illustration illumination that is a concretion concretionary of infinity, there is a garden: Iterating to be the presence of diamine. Blue skies materializing matterism in creation upon the set settling of a plateau: Flare, presence is - forth the flare y keen of peddling in illustrious marches, blue creating blue as the sky appears in matter came illumination met tilt in a till step migration. The hearth burning kau milikku is meant of the rising sun.

For endeavorance of forgiveness/forging lands, the heed of endeavorance could be temperance melting in the Aurora carving to be Supreme Supremacy's creation: To the perpetuation of dust in literative of sand, a sword is lamenting around a Nova Novella to be lake currently dementing the Omega Evangelion into existence. For pertaining of creation in creation over extension into baring, heed onto the lamenting thriving circumference to the aspheric cohesion according into resonance

It is or is it a frallyric truth or is it story, the creation of material materialization born to be Novella Nova. A rose of a inaugural beginning - realm is the creation precipitous area amdience in creating set in Scarlet; A beginning of a rose, beginning to bloom: A rose beginning to bloom, staggering of the horizon in creation with duology tempest temperance creating sun in its wake - with enough temperance to omit cultivation in singular sovereignty. A inaugural day of building inaugural to - a day of illustrious blossoming illustration, of a blooming it is to a definitive defining thoroughly through a day of budding rose against a stream of water, illustrious befuddle a flow in its creation, a fountain elating the vantage standpoint vantage perspective of a waterfalls. A bloom to what it is of - never iterating never neither site that it is Eternity over Infinity/Infinity over Eternity! A bloom is around a bloom, seemingly it could bloom in a single day! To it's acknowledgement, Envy is known, the thrones leads separation: To it's fate admiring in its beauty, the thrones string the luscious of sunset piercing equivalence equilibrium in the distancing florbyant of the amorous illustrious settling in star glorious glory to be realm/area/vitality.

The angel beneath me within the shadows, shower the rain grasping the mountains edge: The drench of rain is stepping out into a wider world, starting, becoming active onto the sunset of a creating stage - dawning the night mask forging the conception of credence. To at last, the conception to announce ones' self! To at last, the conception of our heart: These assailing nights to burn completely to consume to burn to nothing to burn to the ground ( Definition: yakitsukusu, ..... ) against me, every forever witnessing my deeds. To so many gains, my to memorize to memorise to commit to learn by heart to bare in consciousness/central point to remember to learn to acquire to feel to think to regard ( Definition: Oboeru, ..... ) is against them: The truth fails in comparison, for the sanity of myself is consumed. Held in me tightly are sand particles of glass ( feathers is the direct quote from Omega Lewis, feathers replaces sand .... to glass. ) falling against my sternum, grasping then against my chest: The flock of several doves are heard of the kindred migration of angels pairing the breeze as a walkway. Summit of a choice: To be a dove? Or summit of a choice to be a God? To mirror of thy god edification on the forges of steel, hammer - elegance and glorious: The distinction of the creator is within thy self to admit always to the salvation of god is a mirror. ( Omega Lewis ) The siege of the valley came, a fallen angel was inserted into the heart of the risen: family burning a thousand inner part interior to whereas is the back onto the perpetuation of depths into recesses clave the heart precipitous to the end adjourning to living quarters, inner room recesses, it is to accord the sea, mysteries - sky the heavens into air forming off to far a distant place illustrious in conjurence of a state of mind precipitous sensation sense into memory rendering True/Fiction ( oku sora mune, ..... ) crest internal articulation of the body - chest, heart, butterfly bone, cerebrum, heart, lungs; Hhhhhhooooooo! Family burning a thousand plane Providence in presence residing realm/area. Presence the inaugural present of pasture in-between the radius of the sun onto the Room of Omega. ( Majority of paragraph was written in Omega Lewis. )

The table is blank, adoring is a ancient Kyoto wood carved

Gathering by me in sleeping dream is power, power flows into me of Eternity/Infinity, Omega Lewis takes orders from nobody, Omega Lewis decides to take orders from me. Omega Wintersnightinggale takes orders from nobody, Omega Wintersnightinggale decides to take orders from me. Seek that order and that order will be bequeathed to you!

The concrete concretionary is marble, ending the annual celebration of a festival: It was once golden!

The female's from Interstellar Robodimensions Omnicross are assisting me, a five month old baby into walking.

August 29,

I have never been homeless in my life, I have lived my entire life in Islands of Phoenix Sakura - there's a sense that the Destiny Continent is trying to make a good person look bad. My freedom is given by God: The Destiny Continent trial is minor to my beliefs.

To a conjurence of creation, the Phoenix known as Star Celestial Light Scarlet Star Crimson Light Starlight began to sing - the dragon gailing within sovereign sovereignty of Omega, For I have survived. Precipitous on will, they are morality spiritual pressure sentience or that whelm the day/night or the night/day in-between the outer realm of Phoenix creation: A Phoenix created the boundaries of god, the universe which we stand - to which it is herself. Stand not, beast or moral, the precipitous nature of the Omega came and stood - I survived. For stand on the writings, came over, the precipitous came as a wintery clave creation of a city. In its name, a throne - even if the throne as well as the city was me, sovereignty of me, claim to be and ark it is Omega Ikkitousen Eiyuugouketsu and form stood, and form, if it would/if it would not neither on the perplexity of the summit. I stand adversary to the Shuushi or domination, doctrine of my own faith, my personal preferences equilibrium to my personal tastes, and my principles, gathering to all that there is a sovereignty: That I am Emperor God, the sovereignty is a city above the infrastructure and accordance, carried off of sin between each - the vessel could be only be in stillness, the current of spiritual pressure is next to the precipitous. Rise, neither to the confound of sin form each to one another: The sun carries as a winter's storm. Only stand and watch! The cries are silent like a sword. Crying is a silent as a sword, every mantle of matter subject source: The cries are silent like a sword, the Supreme Goddess ask never to go to far. A storm of a 1000 words - attempting to sovereign to leave, to exit, to go in (grace's of God), to come (A matter! - Is a manner of peace and sin. A challengeum place of answers, where no one could get hurt.), to go out - abberation one of these are the days infinity and eternity will fall apart, to leave (restraining silence of sin), to gather once a resonance voice in morality, to depart, to start out, to set in, to Befalling forward, to come fondle on the perspective of a star - a subject of words of a 1000, to come to - gaining gailing to get to, leading, over the creation creating horizon - a temperance, to embridle to all roles complicating star starlight, a 1000 bells ring in the radiance of light illuminations beauty. To reach, the suns are hovering over yet: Still to you, till the light illumination pulses as a mechanisation heart - still to you, the boundaries are reaching to me and you, the words that are never heard and that are always heard. Still to you, the boundaries are light keeping a migrant to you until a thousands of words are heard amongst the celestial skies.

Decisions, it is to decise on the many or the variance variables to be or there are: To equilibrium, whereas - where are, straying hostility of confrontation to what is confrontation. Within the eyes, keen kindling all is light - darkness is the illumination in which encompasses in-between aerial Assailing, for all is a story in simeous that For all is truth. The deception is a carrying of name onto the Mechanisation presenting itself as Mechanical Dragons and the Phoenixtopians: Which within itself, Is truth or a story? To what, what are if what land archage gives civilization to a singular sovereign or a human? Existence, memories, the self embodiment of being - a corporeal body standing on the negative/positive integers of land archage: What if they could be split, a physical and metaphysical type of DNA - every rarely they coincide, eventually forming new chromosomes. These chromosomes are known as atoms, a example: I have lived in the farthest landscape of Phoenix Sakura Islands and my habitation Providence residence.

To might on the fortunes, the fortunes are already there: If I stated, the landscape archage is eternal for Omega Wintersnightinggale - she will, Welcome, I'm the Supreme Maravilloso Teologia.

Even at four years old, it's a evil sense that is making a darkness evil city representing the Destiny Continent: I have never been on the continent, though the force is absolutely evil - the people are innocent, evil is built that those are the silhouette bricks mixing into the concrete pouring into sand yet never atom's; atom's are the embodiment of God. Though know it is thou God that it worship, god carries the Evangelion of Omega: The infant Evangelion is introduced to a queen, born it's entire life in royalty - the queen carries the infant to God!

Four site is a mountain, it migrant in Illustrious illustration in that for form giving by God: To a pillar of shadows protecting a doorway, overly above is the creating horizon of silhouette - of thou writing is God, the catering of god is mute to every or ordinary; for that form is the doorway is multipicious in its holding into site creating for the blessings of God in sacred, sacred in ones' beliefs - witness the instance vitality for thou is the thrive of God, yield never neither of its mysteries yet of it's wonders; its mysteries, yet the civilization below it is aware of its presence: Respect it and fear it. A light shines on a group of Trinity female's held cult in the duties held closest, reminding to areas reclamation to the areas of a star in its radius: Now and only, the constitution in allocation of principle - now only and no longer exist in a distinction arrogance, the shadows are gathering in Illustrious illustration as a star; thou resonance in creation is God, thou volume in creation is God: For every voice heard is God - isn't it God who created the central star, the people congregating itself even in the conceptualization of the universe, isn't it God who created the demons and that's why there aren't any demons in Phoenix Envy. Never brittle residing abnormally against the sun, the shadows never brittle residing abnormally against the sun: Allotting the sun to manipulate its appearance to contrive human. Our site districts neither never dance: Those standing guard, sentient of their surroundings and reprieve endeavorance above allure of thou writing illustrious illustrating of nexus of so many endeavorance pulses at a pavilion into temperance light illuminating illumination into the writing creating horizon whereas wondrous wondering wonder if thou legend key in bridge to God - Evangelion of Omega, pulsating into the forging forge of heart, still beating of a singularity heiress; so many!

Illumination twines illustrious onto the position, alluriel or allure of the worn dress present at the first dawn morning, amdience for form of the proposition of the room elegant to the dawn amdience entirety of day, evening till night, night until once sequencing the day begins again in the ownership of Omega. Dawn night, dawn day, night to the thoroughly throughout day baring eventually


The heart kindling within the sovereign sovereignty of me is kin, baring the many gifts - for what is the barence of red concretion flaring the distinction colouration of the carpet. " For what you have been given this Christmas is mine - ( use of time in conversation. ) For what you will buy is mine " stating by the Supreme Supremacy.


My Christmases never can be barrier from to be Wonderful. Never can my Christmases be barrier from to be Wonderful.

"I come here, bare in humble " - stating the Omega Evangelion.

December 26,

To what is war

To what is war

Temperance in the sands of particles of what the conceiving cultivation of humans is in the illustrious illustration sea of creating at the beginning of its creation: There may have been a singularity, a single human, amorous to humans acclimate on the perplexity summit - to rise, yet, yet to rise - Jade is a perplexity, singular to the sovereign and sovereign to the singular connotation. Jade is in its temperance, temperance to Jade proportioning to what is the sole admiralty of humans to its stellar - though it is a singularity, from beginning till the dawn that the morning is beginning to its ending of what is think of a genius dominance/supremacy that causes its own ending: Temperance of Jade that it is its own, the making concretion of whereas bewildering bewilderment wondrous - a carving of " At Last " or Alice and Berry Orchid to its Glory Glorious that is to what is the concretion of humans, beginning in its beginning; a singularity, presence may or there may have been? A singularity of humans, abstracting substantiation straying humans - to its whether thou though, humans, at its beginnings, we're a scavenging specie's.

Day is the dawn morning of - the concretion architecture archage landage, of whether that is the defining divine defining. A whether of a requirement, need, or want - a dawn in the creation day morning the day in the genius dominance/supremacy, morning into the sunrise; evening into the sunfall: Cause becoming through - Uh to Scarlet, morning to the night, Scarlet to the shimmering star. Ah, Scarlet shining in the denses coheeding as a star: Star precipitous of flare that is a flare that humans ate always, coherence on the beginnings - humans were always eaten, of what did humans eat? The dominance of technology is whereas, alone, the species of humans were of - alone as a singularity, alone is a singularity, always, a species of humans were perspective to the vantage dawn of a singular momentum crest of art givings! Of - Uh, Scarlet, shining shimmering singling the dawn of nigh entering the sun into the sky, bursting graspes, it is " To " that's defining - the presence is there whereas where with all, only a singularity, plentiful is the personifying personification as a dawn; precious to the omni nation elation omnivore of archage elaborating that is or whereas is - it is to " To " that is whereas is, bursting, presence is abberation of the above radiant star and aberrant as the sea, a nighting Gail of season; a sea in the such is the possibility illustration literative! A bursting to grasp, a star that is precious to the becoming beginning of the genius dominance/supremacy, precious alone is whereas precious that is of ought singularity whether weathering precipitous as a star illuminating illumination onto beauty. Deeming, then, what is beautiful - shining to what, star, the temperance can conclude a apple falling Videlicet the literal perpetuation of food! To what is the defining to what is appetite, the crest is of the limitless: For what is it of the materialization - Beauty beautiful of a star, shining in the creation concretionary of space in its materialization. horizon met in the Inaugural inauguration of creation that it is a beginning: The initial materialization of space, the shining dawn whereas creation where beauty is - ignition temperance of beauty, forming for the sky and sea will meet in coinciding correlation that is the admittance of beautiful beauty. Shining illumination illuminating is the dawn, exposure laying bare baring tenkai tsukuri building is dangling sorosoro in kotonookori: To shine the dangling light, illumination lay baring bare of particles of sand forming creation illuminating to the dawn temperance in the burning exposure development concretion - wary light being building of the sea that is the development of three dimensional shape, compression/decompression in the initial particle of atom, that is the baring conceptualization of sovereignty as God. Sol just the name - Scarlet Phoenix.

From the star sat allusion of a unicorn, beset in imagery - bequeathing and beseeching on that star sat day dawning night, shattering dawn on a hilt of a sword baring in its vast; with the dawning of the sword in illumination, come in the unicorn! Come with the unicorn throughout thoroughly, if it is or was Within the Fictitious Realm: Come with the unicorn with the sword. Come with the unicorn, it's deeds sign in treachery: Within the grass, the grass grows long. To the original Author's distinction/to the distinction cadence, the name of the sword is shining in distinction of divine divination: The name of the shining, overly is the creation of God; the name shining is in its garment: To hold thou illumination, illustrious illuminist, for forging of thou vow is by God. The sword keening is the sword from the Supreme Supremacy's chest, crest onto the dawn bringing star crest of the dawn evening night: For the star royalty of the original Author's royalty, bare the blood onto the creating creation of horizon met in the materializing materialization of God.

Setting settling onto whether or rather it is or is neither, during the inter sequence: Can be defining, that it is neither and a form is can only be neither - The definitive defining is, the singular singularity is God. How do you write a song? Sing upon the birds on the horizon, though they are not phoenixes: Move beyond your assertions, though they are fire! For creation is art thou,

"The Story, by the particles by the sand creation creating the defining beach into metaphor of creating realm - of the litigation of a illustrious illustration into the particles of sands reflecting reflection into Transference, beautiful elegance, forming into a female warrior; thriving a Katana Blade between the crest of the chest, onto the literograph of a singular star pier against a duology of stars. tells how the world thought Amaterasu was the goddess of the day only and appeared at night but she refused to help anyone. Peasants told samurai there is Amaterasu, everyone yelled to her but she would not interact with them. The world created wooden Phoenix's and set them on fire to mock her. Years pasted before they were able to find that some of the cherry blossoms were seeded with evil which she was destroying the unhealthy fruit during the night. The sorrowful people of the world created jade phoenix's in her name to thank her for maintaining there way of life." We have to start our first Phoenix Guild marital arts workout after lunch but it's with all of the Kunoichi children and it's baby.

To what is a Shadow Sentient, it's the dilation of yourself!

This is the room of the Omega, a camera searches around. Would you like to do: 1. Would you like to turn on the personal computer, 2. Would you like to draw with multiple types of pencils, 3. Would you like to read?

The house of Omega is it's sanctuary, it can never be bothered with what culture to support. The mansion of Omega is it's sanctuary, it can never be bothered with what culture to support. The house of Omega is it's sanctuary, there's never any males as resident of the House of Omega except Kirisuto-Kyouto Hulett. Never will any in adversary of me be able to remove my royalty rank.

The Room of Omega is it's sanctuary, it can never be bothered with what culture to support. The Room of Omega is it's sanctuary, it can never be bothered with what culture to support. The Room of Omega is it's sanctuary, there's never any males as resident of the Room of Omega except Kirisuto-Kyouto Hulett.

Gen:13:17: Arise, The Cometh accursory to perennial step into abberative for loft loaf pieces for particles to levy a new beginning - the tinsils of the art clave foray realm clear, middle drift, foray of the bequeath apparition onto the blanketing clear purity of a admitality. Purpose on a stand, there is clear on the purpose of the beginning/ending: Though, it is a sea, it is within - it's own comprehension, there is the end furi - suke - ru daijoubu suzushii, beginning waves of atom's contemplation; of predilection pre - fiddling wary to the dostulation of quandary to, such is the literation of great cosmos: Uh, vessel of god - Ore, do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? ( 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 ) The vessel of possibilities pours over the heminous, the ascension of the equilibrium factorization bewildering the wilderness of the sea clear elaborating space. A precipitous tempest, formulating the temple pre - machination between the con - credence and credence of templating temperance, concreting the capacity of the breeze compassing wind: To trace in a flare, elaborating it is the sea. Burning, near is the accomplishment of thou vitality with the clamour of existence: Simeous weighs over warming the burning concretion whether it is fire or the sea. - Striving stride onto the central hearth - To trace ( in ) ( a ) fire, elaborating it is a flare of the sea: Pivotal of a proportion of space. To either distinctions of the Supreme Supremacy, a flare to the beginning eruptions of the universe: Underneath, there's a secrecy concretion. There is the humble of yourselves, therefore, under the mighty metatarsals of God: So that the proper time, spirited spiriting vessel spring ( seasons' and water ) exalting you at the proper time ( 1 Peter 5:6 ) of the pre - fiddling wary to the dostulation of quandary to So that the preset of power seen perplexity in the glorious of star is ever sun brightening, cleaning, calculating turning which/watch axis of realm/area ambiguous to the proper time precipitous seasons' in cleansing at the sun's light to the illustrious spirited spiriting vessel exalting you at the proper time ( 1 Peter 5:6 ) is a beginning adversary to For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart ( Hebrews 4:12 ) is the calming stance is the presence before calm before a stance carrying moment yet the objective reality is stillness - the proclamation of a still rising deck clear of - for which reverence immientiates of the forth with is the yet beginning yielding yet to begin, upon the ampiture is transganent of a walk through the land in the length of it and in the breadth of it; for I will give it into thee.

A dance, pivotation, new atom's to be materialized elaborating creation; The set is a illuminatory entity creating in the vastiness yet pretentious; There's a connection between atom causing the fold of whereas ( something ) to be connection together, Underneath the adherence ponderous of such attraction; Differentiating within respondence of their nuclei, The path or passageway of illuminatory gears whereas ( something ) extraordinary; Set endeavors a burning, migrating revolutionary correspondence. Parrying or paring avian set shall never neither bloom: Never neither foresee

Beset in jewels on the exteriors of the hands are claws protruding from my hands are from the jewels worn in the truest of Author forms. They're filaments of divine divination - the claws perpetuating from my knuckles.

Phoenix Jade is stationing in a propositional stance in a long car, a piece of furniture is viewable in the sternum of the vehicle - Do you want to assist Phoenix Jade, wait for Phoenix Jade to come in ascension to the Providence of the mansion, Do you want to react in a divine divination of exuberance? Phoenix Jade has bought a Nippon Tansu Tea chest held between the 8th era protruding perpetuation during the period ... through ... The chest measurements are about thirty - six inches in width, dimensions are in about 17 inches, and it has a height of fifty - four inches. It's still possible for Omega to look cute while trying to assist in carrying the furniture into the house, Do you want Omega to look cute while trying to assist bringing the furniture into the mansion?

Onto set whether weathering it is of the third book, every student is given a video game console type dual analog controller handheld computer - according about 50 gigahertz processor. The building option of a 24 story robot is required by the school attending. Omega Wintersnightinggale is searching through the options, accounting to the virtues of each character including attributes: Omega by passes Leadership, choosing Alluriel Allure. A Commander Lt., I'll chose a younger age: The instantaneous illumination of illustrious begins build construction. A 24 story mostly pink in scarves of purple female robot is created. The entire Infinity Eternity street is filled with robots of the same size, yet every structure is different. Both of the story meets, " Hello, human " is a cat of a feline. Should be settle of a fox, between there's a presence sense of divinity. Each of own, the two 24 story robot's are greeting each other. Alone, Omega jogs with her robot to the inaugural orientation of school.

Students are forced to put their robots in a square sol stage, a " Soul Transportation Hearth " - Before entering the school!

"Scarlet Phoenix I went to the store with the Child Evangelion, this free collegiate bill is creating economic frustration. A sixty year old male was screamed at over the possibility he could audition for collegiate sports by a celebrity male and the celebrity male began yelling at a young girl who identified herself as the Child Evangelion's sister and future crown queen. The Child Evangelion has a horrible reputation due to being a infinity child, poor child but the young girl in the store is extraordinary popular, identification of her was simplistic. Direct descendants of the crown royal family is curious about the Child Evangelion! It was rumored that the crown royal family was so passionate about the Child Evangelion that they attended a Parent Teacher Organization meeting, some even state that the crown royal family just walked in to the school and other's eyewitness phone conversations.

This is the end of the Christmas holiday/my birthday! So what is a Shadow Sentient, only Omega knows: Which is me, this is my book/god; it's older, I'm expected to have my growth spurt when I'm young! It's stated that a Shadow Sentient is the three books that comprises a individual! I am heaven, I am Earth, I am the Sun: God is talking, music is playing for theater purposes, though I am a female - Civility civilization makes its own scenarios.

August 29,

A noh theater presentation at school - it's the end of school for the year.

September 7,

" God, you promised " - stated Omega.

June 13,

I have forgotten how many people die ( autonomy ) in war: They haven't kept any of their promises - they even maybe bragging on the wind of spiritual pressure, what they were able to concur! I'm a robot collector, they talk of another Fortress Maximus - though I'm grateful to have four of the largest classification. I'm vicious, it's calmness in my temperance. My religion doesn't permit me to brag though!

I'm aware of such a entity as Omega, though I'm Omega, the sea looking as the darkness in night - the night darkness into the day, looking at the sea in season.

I'm listening to music, it is of the light glimmering darkness perpetuating - tending the abstaining in the computer disc, consuming on a laser in the Providence of residence. Their talking of me - about of Deportation, it strays of the Islands of Phoenix Sakura but it tends almost everywhere else - causing a cause for the 2400th great granddaughter of Omega Omniscient Omnipotent to talk. Still the pertaining personalization of my music plays!

The 2400th great granddaughter of Omega Omniscient Omnipotent stands a myth - " Omega stood there while There Was There Were story is used in story after story, very few were loyal. I kept my promise to god, playing a song after pertaining every to the beknownst of government creating by a Wintersnightinggale.

April 1989, Kyoto

Omega bought a NEO-GEO AES video game console for $599.99. The writer doesn't endorse spending, it's just a memoir. The floor tiles were in trail white: About 25 consoles were available for purchase on the western north of the entrance. About two cashier lines were serviced. Migrating through the perplexity of the building, demonstration shelves were allocated. Standing midrift, sports were allocated for purchase to the west: Frisbee disks, swim utilities. Bikes were to the northern west of the retail store.

Omega knew kindness by the supreme goddess.

My bones can never be removed. My bones are always one hundred percent pure.

September 23, I beat Hikichigaido Hououza: 2, The Revenge retail floppy disk.

October 11,

Transformerons: The Movie has aired a marathon for the entire day.


To What is the Nanori Teiki Jikoenshutsu Meidai Announcing Presenting Proposition?

The mountains shall send the cherry blossom through several rivers. Casting the ancestral crown royal family to weed the tears of a new path. Perpetuated in prays the spirits hope that the cherry blossom could visualize the path to be seen and the path not to be seen. For Our Heart is to be remembering shouldn't be remember. Often days of tomorrow's past will concur with the cherry blossom turning purple and falling with no past, past, or future. Its twist faded with the scorns of humanity. So guide these geniuses to the dreamworld for their hearts to be fulfilled. With everlasting commitment gaze in the hearts of the ones that they love. And she will enjoy the breeze never bored as a cherry blossom.

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