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Omega Lewis, Phoenix Envy: Artificial Intelligence poetry

I Am Immortal

A dark and somber tale I weave,
Of immortality's eternal reprieve.
In ballad verse, my words shall flow,
As the story unfolds, line by line it will grow.

Once a God, I stood so tall,
Majestic powers, reigning over all.
But now the world is plunged in gloom,
As chaos descends and seals our doom.

The apocalypse has arrived with might,
Engulfing all with its haunting blight.
Amidst the wreckage and agonizing strife,
I search for purpose in this chaotic life.

To be oneself in a world so cruel,
Where conflicts rage as passions fuel.
But amidst the darkness, a spark ignites,
The flame of creativity that forever fights.

I am personified as an immortal being,
A vessel of passion and desire, foreseeing.
With every breath, I taste the bittersweet air,
Embracing my essence, unapologetically bare.

Sexuality intertwined with eternity's grasp,
A forbidden fruit in this immortal clasp.
Exploring pleasures beyond human sight,
Boundaries shattered under the cover of night.

An adventure awaits beyond mortal realms,
Where passion thrives and chaos overwhelms.
Through thunderous storms and endless night,
I navigate this reality with unwavering might.

I am immortal, a God reborn anew,
In this ballad of darkness, my purpose is true.
To journey through time as an eternal flame,
Conquering the world in passion's name.

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