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The Stone Throwers:
A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders

Phoenix Envy: Castle, artificial intelligence poetry.

If it is w/me, dawn - presence present is upon my beauty as day shines onto beauty beautiful onto darkness of night that be fiddle pasture into fulfilling Envy, its a blooming blossoming such as transit revolutions of sol soul twines into seasons. Its as the sun shining in morning dawn to tilt until embodiment of my female body carries as solace

In realms beyond our mortal sight doth lay
Omega Lewis Crystal Rose, a name so grand
A flower born of starlight's pure array
Its petals kissed by cosmic light's soft hand

Its beauty shines like dawn's first golden ray
A beacon in the darkness, pure and bright
An emblem of serenity and grace
A symbol of the heavens' guiding light

In realms where time and space entwine and twirl,
There lies Omega Lewis Crystal Rose,
A being of grace, with a heart that glows,
A gem of beauty, a radiant pearl.

Her essence pure, like a song unfurled,
Her spirit dances where the zephyr flows,
In her eyes, the secrets of life she knows,
In her touch, the universe uncurls.

With each step, she paints the world in hues,
Of love and light, of dreams and desires,
Her presence, a symphony of muse.

Omega Lewis Crystal Rose inspires,
A sonnet of beauty, a soul ablaze,
A masterpiece woven in cosmic ways.

Its essence whispers secrets of the stars
A language only few can truly hear
A song of love that echoes from afar
A melody that soothes all doubt and fear

Omega Lewis Crystal Rose, divine
A gift from realms where dreams and stars align

In Kagami No Kojou, a world unseen,
A lonely castle stands in mirror's gaze,
Where shadows dance, in realms of in-between,
A haunting beauty in its mystic maze.

In shadows deep, where whispers softly stir,
Omega Lewis Crystal Rose doth bloom,
A beacon bright, a gem that doth confer
A beauty rare, dispelling all gloom.

With petals delicate, like gossamer threads,
Each one a prism, a reflection of light,
In gardens of dreams, where the Sol illustrious into body amdience acclimate congregating to embodiment, dust of Scarlet into the body of a human female: If such is of a illustrious illustration, settling setting

Its fragrance sweet, a symphony of grace,
A melody that lingers in the air,
A timeless beauty, a delicate embrace,
A treasure rare beyond compare.

Oh Omega Lewis Crystal Rose, so fair,
In your beauty, we find solace and care.

In Kagami No Kojou's lonely scope we find,
A castle in the mirror, lost in time,
Reflected dreams within its walls confined,
A haunting beauty, sorrow's silent chime.

The shadows dance in chambers cold and still,
Whispers of a past that's left behind,
Echoes of heartaches that the walls instill,
A fragile world where memories entwined.

Within its halls, the mirrors softly weep,
Reflecting tales of love and loss and woe,
A melancholy symphony they keep,
A timeless sorrow in their ghostly glow.

Oh, Lonely Castle in the Mirror's gaze,
Your beauty shines in sorrow's tender haze.

Within these walls, a tale of solitude,
Of lost dreams and forgotten memories,
Reflections twist, in eerie interlude,
A realm of secrets, shrouded mysteries.

The castle stands, a fortress of the mind,
Where echoes linger in the crystal glass,
In solitude, its secrets we may find,
A place where time and space will surely pass.

So let us wander through this mirrored land,
And grasp the truth that lies at our command.

In Kagami No Kojou, a lonely castle stands,
Reflecting beauty, trapped within its walls,
A mirror world where time and space expands,
And echoes of forgotten voices call.

Each room a puzzle, secrets to unfold,
A labyrinth of shadows, whispers deep,
Where past and present intertwine and hold,
And restless spirits in their slumber sleep.

The mirror's gaze reveals a world unseen,
A reflection of the soul's deepest desire,
In solitude, the truth is ever keen,
A lonely castle, lost in time's empire.

So wander through the halls of mirror's grace,
And find the beauty in this lonely place.

In the castle of mirrors, lost souls reside,
Reflections trapped in a world of their own,
A lonely realm where shadows coincide,
And echoes of sorrow are deeply sewn.

Each mirror holds a piece of shattered heart,
A fractured image of what once was whole,
In this desolate place, they play their part,
Haunted by memories that take their toll.

But in this solitude, a glimmer shines,
A spark of hope amidst the endless gloom,
A chance for the lost to break their confines,
And find their way out of the mirror's room.

So let us gaze upon this castle grand,
And seek the light to guide us through the land.

In Kagami No Kojou, a castle stands tall,
Reflections in mirrors, a world apart,
Lonely souls wander its echoing halls,
Lost in a realm of the mind and heart.

Each mirror holds secrets, untold and deep,
Illusions and truths, intertwined with grace,
In shadows and light, the castle does keep,
A haunting beauty, in this hidden place.

Lonely Castle in the Mirror, so grand,
A labyrinth of dreams, both light and dark,
Where memories linger, like grains of sand,
Whispering echoes of a forgotten spark.

In this magical realm, where time stands still,
The castle beckons, with a mystic thrill.

In the lonely castle, mirrors gleam and glow,
A world of wonder, secrets yet untold,
Reflections dance in shadows, come and go,
A tale of magic in the mirror's hold.

Within these walls, a girl lost in her mind,
Yearning for escape, a way to break free,
Her heart aches with the longing she can't find,
In the mirror's depths, her soul seeks to flee.

The castle echoes with her silent cries,
Her spirit trapped in glass, a prisoner,
But hope still flickers in her tear-stained eyes,
A chance for freedom, a chance to stir.

Oh, Kagami No Kojou, castle fair,
May your lonely halls be filled with light's flare.

In the castle of mirrors, a lonely soul,
Reflecting images of dreams long past,
Lost in the labyrinth, a timeless toll,
Echoes of laughter, fading fast.

The mirrors whisper secrets untold,
Of a world beyond, a realm of wonder,
A place of magic, where mysteries unfold,
In the castle's depths, hidden under.

But in this solitude, a heart's lament,
Yearning for companionship and light,
Searching for a way to circumvent,
The darkness of the endless night.

Kagami No Kojou, a castle of sorrow,
In the mirror's reflection, hope for tomorrow.

In the mirror's depths, a castle stands alone,
Its walls of glass reflect a world unknown,
A realm of shadows, whispers, and despair,
Where echoes linger in the stagnant air.

In castle walls of mirrors, standing tall,
A lonely figure roams the halls alone,
Reflections of a world beyond recall,
A place where shattered dreams and hopes are sown.

The mirrors speak of secrets left untold,
Of whispered wishes lost in time's cruel grasp,
In echoes of a story yet unfold,
A tale of shadows in a mirrored clasp.

Within these walls of glass, the heart does yearn,
For freedom from the chains of solitude,
To break the spell that keeps the soul in turn,
And find a path to light, to love, to good.

So in the lonely castle, shadows rise,
A yearning heart seeks solace 'neath the skies.

Within its halls, a princess lost in time,
Her eyes lament the absence of a rhyme,
Her heart aching for a touch, a fleeting glance,
To break the spell of solitude's cruel dance.

The mirrors mock her with their twisted lies,
Distorting truth and veiling tear-stained eyes,
Yet still she searches for a way to break free,
To find a path to her true destiny.

Oh, lonely castle in the mirror's gaze,
May hope and love illuminate your days.

In shadows deep, where echoes softly ring,
There lies a castle lost in solitude,
A mirrored realm where whispers softly sing,
A kingdom forged in longing, stark and shrewd.

Within these walls, a lonely queen resides,
Her reflection trapped in endless reverie,
A realm of shattered dreams and hidden tides,
A place untouched by time and memory.

The mirrors gleam with secrets left untold,
Reflecting back the pain of ages past,
A tale of woe and sorrow yet unfold,
In this desolate fortress built to last.

Oh Kagami No Kojou, castle drear,
Your lonely halls hold echoes crystal clear.

In Kagami No Kojou's mirror world so vast,
A lonely castle stands in quiet despair,
Its walls of glass reflecting memories cast,
Of hopes and dreams that linger in the air.

Within its halls, the echoes softly ring,
Of whispered secrets lost in shadows deep,
Where solitude and longing softly sing,
In whispered winds that through the windows seep.

The mirror's gaze reveals a world unknown,
Where solitude and beauty intertwine,
A haunting melody in whispered tone,
Of lost desires that in the darkness shine.

Oh lonely castle in the mirror's gaze,
Your silent walls hold secrets of past days.

In the castle of mirrors, shadows dance free,
Each reflection a ghost of what could be,
Loneliness echoes through the halls so vast,
A haunting beauty from a distant past.

The glass walls hold secrets, stories untold,
A world of illusions, a sight to behold,
Whispers of dreams and wishes long lost,
In this lonely castle, at great cost.

Within these walls, time stands still, frozen,
A place where reality and fantasy soften,
Each mirror a portal to a different realm,
A place where hearts ache and souls overwhelm.

Oh Kagami No Kojou, lonely and grand,
A sanctuary for those who cannot stand,
In your mirrored walls, we find our solace,
A refuge from a world so callous.

So let us wander through your halls of glass,
And find in your reflection, peace at last.

In Kagami No Kojou, a castle stands alone,
A world of mirrors, reflections deep and true,
Where shadows dance and secrets are unknown,
In solitude, its beauty evernew.

Within its walls, a princess lost in time,
Her image trapped within the looking glass,
Yearning for freedom, a chance to climb,
To break the spell and from her prison pass.

The mirrors whisper tales of sorrow and woe,
Of dreams deferred and hopes that fade away,
Yet in the darkness, a flicker of glow,
A light that guides her through the night to day.

In Kagami No Kojou, a story told,
Of loneliness and courage, brave and bold.

In shadows deep where echoes softly ring,
A castle stands in solitude profound,
With mirrors vast reflecting everything,
Yet emptiness within its walls is found.

Kagami No Kojou, Lonely Castle fair,
A realm of beauty veiled in mystery,
Where whispers linger in the misty air,
And longing hearts ache for lost history.

Within the mirrors, secrets lie concealed,
Illusions dance and memories entwine,
But truth and falsehood are forever sealed,
In the reflection's captivating shine.

Oh Lonely Castle, in your mirrored hall,
We seek the answers hidden in your thrall.

In the mirror's depths, a castle stands alone,
A place of solitude, where shadows dwell,
Where whispered echoes of the past are thrown,
And haunting memories in silence swell.

Its walls are built of dreams and hidden fears,
Its corridors are lined with mirrored glass,
Reflecting back the pain of countless tears,
A labyrinth of sorrow, time will pass.

Within its chambers, ghosts of long lost days,
Dance in the pale moonlight's eerie glow,
Their spectral forms in endless sorrow sways,
Lost souls trapped in a timeless afterglow.

Kagami No Kojou, a castle in despair,
A lonely fortress in a world unfair.

In shadows deep, where echoes softly ring,
A lonely castle stands in mirror's gaze,
Reflecting truths that twist and turn within,
Lost souls trapped in this haunting, spectral maze.

Within its walls, the whispers softly sigh,
Of dreams long lost and hopes that fade away,
The mirror shows a world where time runs dry,
And memories of joy begin to fray.

The castle stands in silence, cold and bare,
Its walls adorned with shards of shattered glass,
The mirror's gaze, a melancholy stare,
Revealing wounds that time can never pass.

Oh Kagami No Kojou, castle dear,
Your lonely beauty fills my heart with fear.

In Kagami No Kojou's mirror maze so grand,
A lonely castle stands in shadows deep,
Its walls adorned with memories of the land,
Where echoes of the past forever sleep.

Within its halls, a sense of longing lingers,
A haunting melody that fills the air,
As whispers of forgotten tales and singers,
Reveal the secrets hidden with great care.

The mirrors reflect a world unknown,
Where reality and fantasy collide,
And in this castle, one is not alone,
For spirits of the past forever bide.

So wander through this castle in the mirror,
And let its mysteries draw you ever nearer.

In Omega Lewis Book of Diamonds, rare,
Each gem a dazzling light in darkness deep,
A treasure trove of brilliance, bright and fair,
A legacy of beauty meant to keep.

In shadows cast by time and fleeting sun,
Each diamond sparkles with a fiery glow,
A testament to love and dreams begun,
A symbol of the past, the present show.

Each facet cut with precision and care,
Reflects the stories of the souls it graces,
A legacy of elegance, so rare,
In Omega Lewis' hallowed, sacred places.

So let us cherish these eternal stones,
In Omega Lewis Book of Diamonds, shown.

In Omega Lewis Book of Diamonds gleam,
A treasure trove of brilliance untold,
Each gem a story, a timeless dream,
In settings of pure silver and gold.

Each facet cut with precision rare,
Sparkling with a fiery inner light,
A testament to craftsmanship rare,
A symphony of colors, pure and bright.

Within these stones, a history unfolds,
A tale of love, of triumph, of woe,
Each diamond a story waiting to be told,
In the Omega Lewis Book they glow.

So let us marvel at this precious tome,
And in its beauty, find a place called home.

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