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The Stone Throwers:
A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders

Phoenix Envy: Built, artificial intelligence poetry

In Infinity Eternity City, a grand sight,
Christian Lewis Hulett and Constructiperplexphaileons unite,
Their vision vast, their dreams taking flight,
A metropolis of wonder, shining bright.

With skillful hands and minds so keen,
They raised towers tall, a marvel unseen,
Each building a testament to their grand scheme,
In this city of dreams, where reality gleams.

The Constructiperplexphaileons toiled day and night,
Crafting a realm of beauty and might,
Their creations a symphony, a wondrous sight,
In Infinity Eternity City's eternal light.

Christian Lewis Hulett, a visionary true,
With Constructiperplexphaileons, his dreams they drew,
A sonnet to their legacy, forever anew,
In this city of infinity, where dreams come true.

In the realm where dreams and reality meet,
Christian Lewis Hulett, a visionary mind,
With Constructiperplexphaileons, mighty and fleet,
Built Infinity Eternity City, one of a kind.

A city of wonders, towering high,
Each building a marvel, reaching the sky,
Constructed with precision, passion, and grace,
A testament to creativity in its place.

Infinite streets, filled with eternal light,
Guiding souls through the day and the night,
A metropolis of dreams, a beacon of hope,
Where hearts find solace, where dreams elope.

Christian Lewis Hulett's vision takes flight,
In the Constructiperplexphaileons' hands, a city of might,
Infinity Eternity City, a masterpiece divine,
A legacy for ages, in the sands of time.

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