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The Stone Throwers:
A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders

Phoenix Envy: Build

A forth with is the presence of A, unbeknownst bewildering is the age - of a male that is only known to be youth, though the height of the male appears to be adolescence - the decise decisions of the young seemingly adolescence male is wondering whether, the leader of the Phoenixtopian Robots kinder the young male as kind and the Mechanical Allure deem him to be leadership quality. happening in the room, to spark awareness in the metaphysical totem of darkness/light throughout thoroughly light is to darkness: Adversary to each, ominous mysterious awareness in that room seen in the habitat of every convergence in that though a sand maybe a glass. The city is aware, for the projections of darkness are enable, The Author Of This Story Of Phoenix Envy is not even aware that she is in a room: Though she is in every room, It is likely due to the fact of force and intentions the Author is unaware of the story that the Author Of This Story Of Phoenix Envy has written, The Author Of This Story Of Phoenix Envy is pertaining in a first person perspective of events, gathering parts and assemblage to build a massive. The leader of Mechanical Allure looks in dissension, acknowledge acknowledging of what the Author Of This Story Of Phoenix Envy is intending: A throne can be a literal or physical metaphor which the leader of Mechanical Allure sits. Darkness tends to be the room of the warrior, a gathering of purple between the chronology of history and the acknowledgement of the congregating warrior, is it of the warrior to build - everything around you is building, it is of being - The young male seems to be, of illustrious of congregation that everything around the world is building - the events presence per taken is our lives.

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