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Please bookmark this page. Most of my stories are heroic fantasy. If you like action, adventure, and romance, with a liberal dash of imagination, heroic fantasy is for you. The Odyssey is heroic fantasy. Tarzan is heroic fantasy. Conan, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter are all heroic fantasy. Interested? Then sample some of my work, and offer some feedback! The first 3 stories are works in progress, and will be continued as time allows. I have just completed listing a story I wrote about 25 years ago, concerning a sci-fi/fantasy convention I and some friends went to at Texas A&M University. It's a little different, in that the story is non-fictional, though told solely from my point of view. You will also find the first fantasy story I wrote, entitled "Thrak of Ashkelone". It was published in a fanzine many years ago. While working on it, I met several very good friends some of whom I am still in contact with today. It was also during the time of my writing it that AggieCon XI took place, including the infamous "Night of the Dead Iguana". Several people have requested that I make Thrak available once more, so here it is... or will be, when I get sufficient time to type it all up here.
Like my writing? Let me know. Think Harsov couldn't punch his way out of a wet paper bag? Let me know that too. Any and ALL comments welcome, so long as you critique the writing and not the person doing the writing...I will respond to all feedback left, usually within 24 hours. Hope to "hear" from you soon...

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