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A Father, husband, Grandfather, my wife and I have two children, five grandchildren. My son,an Attorney, a law firm located in downtown Seattle. Danny has also a taught Law classes at the University of Washington, has worked as a Senate aid for two US Senators, Slade Gordon and Martin Udall. My son married his wife after meeting at Georgetown Law School she at Georgetown School of Medicine. Staci now a Doctor studying Medicine and started her first residency in Kirkland, Washington, she has recently opened up her on own business in Premier Medicine. Doctor Stacy Donlan did her undergraduate studies at California Berkley. At Georgetown she studied medicine and they met as both were students. He graduated undergraduate Washington state College, and went on to Georgetown Law school. They have three children.

My daughter worked for several years in the office of Century 21 Real Estate in Corporate headquarters, has remained in Real Estate since Graduation from High school. My daughter has two children. The oldest a freshman at the University of Washington.

As for my own schooling, a two year associates degree and Highline College. I went to work at Boeing Aircraft one day after graduating from high school. Two years in experimental plastics Boeing was in the down stage. Things being slow at Boeing they are slow all over the work place in Seattle. Rather than wait out the working climate I decided to serve my country. I joined the Air Force. Became a Medical technician. After four years service in the Air Force the working climate still not improved It was time to get an education. I applied and was accepted on a basketball scholarship at Central Washington State College. It was there I met my wife of forty four years. I worked most of my life distributing books and magazines. Retired three years ago. I restarted working on some old writing manuscripts. I have several published poems. Found on my website. Poetry poem.com/dandy. Poetry just a hobby. I recently submitted a novel to a agent and hope to hear soon the results.

My Granddaughter at the U has a younger brother. Her brother invited as being advanced in mathematics and Sciences to represent his school at Western Washington college in Science courses. My Son's eldest daughter, thirteen was chosen by her school to do studies in Hawaii as a gifted student in mathematics. Sponsored by John Hopkins University she is studying Oceanography in Hawaii. Her brother, nine, is a eighth degree black belt in martial arts and plays all sports well. He too top in his class in grades. The youngest seven is a senior brown belt, three belts from being a black belt and at the age of six broke plywood boards with his bare hands. I overheard the girls in his class saying, Ryan is the nicest boy in school. He is outgoing and always had a smile. Do I sound proud? Grandma is still working at Milgard Windows. She is nearing retirement as a Executive Secretary. i WAS BLOCKED FROM THIS SITE BY A NON POET WHO WRITES MADE UP LOVE POETRY AND DISTORTED FACTS.



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