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n. pl. sto·ries
An account or recital of an event or a series of events, either true or fictitious, as:
An account or report regarding the facts of an event or group of events: The witness changed her story under questioning.
An anecdote: came back from the trip with some good stories.
A lie: told us a story about the dog eating the cookies.

A usually fictional prose or verse narrative intended to interest or amuse the hearer or reader; a tale.
A short story.
The plot of a narrative or dramatic work.
A news article or broadcast.
Something viewed as or providing material for a literary or journalistic treatment: “He was colorful, he was charismatic, he was controversial, he was a good story” (Terry Ann Knopf).
The background information regarding something: What's the story on these unpaid bills?
Romantic legend or tradition: a hero known to us in story.

tr.v. sto·ried, sto·ry·ing, sto·ries
To decorate with scenes representing historical or legendary events.
Archaic. To tell as a story.



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