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This is one of the most engaging adventure of my life:
The making of my Book, Poetry, Philosophy and The Academes of Life

The Blueprint of my project: 61+ poems including Epilogue and Epigraph...

Introduction to Poetry, Philosophy and The Academes of Life
- The Origin of Poetry: A Concise Introduction

Table of Contents:

Openning Proem: Poetry

The Body and Its Cycle of Tales - Page
The Insignia in Waves - page
Environment - page
The Human Anatomy - page
The Family - page
Zeitgeber of Destiny - page
Fountains of Youth - page
Toys: Man Need Toys - page
Politeness: The Ethical Gateway of Wisdom - page
Hope: Realization of a Perfect Existence - page
Education: Pragmatism to Rationality - page
Health: Master of True Eudaemonism - page
Laughters: The Compatriot Nature of Existence - page
Obedience: The Fundamental of Living and Learning - page
Faith and Hardships - page
Patience: Capital Stock of Success - page
Piety and The Pious Person page
Award - page
The Constituents of Dream - page
Celebration - The Rituals of The Spirits - page
Friendship - A Covenant Among Souls - page
Happiness: Life's Perfection - page
Laughter That is Unthinkable to Me - page
Laughter That I Cannot Do - page
Parade - page
Soul, Body, Diamond, Sparkles and a Virtuous Living - page
Book: What Books are for? page
Intelligence: Progression of Reason - page
Kindness: Noblest of Virtues - page
Freedom: The Academic Nature of Existence - page
Wisdom: Recourse of Reason- page
Courage in Man - page
Heroes I - page
Courage: Executor of Reason and Deed - page
Hero: Rights and Mights - page
Heroes II - page
The Art of Fighting and War: The Principles of Natural Selection - page
Leadership - page
Government: The Mechanism of Human Governance - page
Order: The Goal of Moral Man and Human Governance- page
Political Demagogue: The Theatrics of Human
Leadership - page
God and Politicians: Divine Doctrine of Human Government - page
Nomothetic Writ of Rights: The Principles of Life and Human Governance- page
Justice: - page
History - page
An Epitaph: Julius Caesar - pages
The Death of Men( An Inquiry to The Inquisitions of Death)- pages
War and Peace - page
War - The Principles - page
Honor - page
Peace - page
Honesty: Guiding Ethics of Reason - page
Generosity: Formula of Charity - page
Cleanliness and Things of Yonder - page
The Clock: The Silent Story of Clocks - page
The Distinguished Gentlemen - page
Religion: An Extension of Godliness- page
Faith: page -
God's Love: A Poetry of Love(Longer Version) page

Subject Index:


The End

Still on Construction:

The Existence of God
The Human Anatomy
Arts and Literature

Needs Refurbishing:

The Art of Fighting and War
Piety and The Pious Person

Introduction: Halfway
Foreword: Almost
Preface: Almost


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