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Hi! I'm Sharon Wilson. I don't have a lot of exciting things to say about myself--I'm just another ordinary person. I'm a widow, dedicated to my children and grandchildren and I'm a very devoted daughter. Mama, who is a very wise person, will be 88 years old this year. She still has her great sense of humor and is one of the most loving and kind persons there is. She really keeps me on my toes and helps me to keep my temper in check, eat right and take all my medications like I'm supposed to. If it were not for my mother, I wouldn't know what it means to follow doctor's orders.

Some of my greatest pasttimes include writing (of course), reading, watching great old movies, going to the ballet and opera, I enjoy some modern dance, I love to knit and crochet. I have other hobbies that are too numerous to mention here, because when you're a grandmother you can't help but be a jack of all trades. Often you become quite adept at many of them.

My very favorite of all pasttimes is reading in Spanish. Since I don't live around Spanish-speaking people, reading not only helps me to keep up with the language but, believe it or not, it also keeps me more fluent in my native tongue--English. Would you like to learn to speak Spanish? why not click here?


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