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StoryPen FAQs:

Q:  How do I Add Story?
A:  The best way is to compose your story on your computer using your word processor.  This will prevent loss of your work in the event your story site temporarily is unavailable for any number of reasons.  Once your have composed your story follow these steps.

  1. Go to your "Control Panel".
  2. Select the "Add A Poem" option under "Manage Story".
  3. Copy your story from your word processor by selecting all the text and choosing the "copy" feature available in your word processor.  Click on the "Poem" field of the story entry form and "Paste" your story into to the field.  I paste by clicking on the story field and selecting paste from the "Edit" option on the top menu bar (your browser may not have this feature).
  4. Enter your title.
  5. Select the format you want to display your story with.
  6. Feel free to preview your story (NOTE to MAC users - the preview feature shows your story on one line.  Please ignore this and focus on the format/theme you want.  Your story will display correctly once published.
  7. Once your are satisfied, click the "Publish" button.


Q:  How do I Delete Story?
  Please select "Delete A Poem" option under "Manage Story" and follow the instructions.


Q:  How do I Edit Story?
A:  Select the "Edit A Poem" option, make your changes, and select the "Publish" button.  You must click the "Publish" button to save your changes.  If you forget to do this, your changes will be lost..


StoryPen FAQs: