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The Stone Throwers:
A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders


They knew from the very beginning where they wanted to build their home. They had been secretly, skimming, and plotting of how they were going to make it work. They were very persistent and had strong will power. I am speaking of some determined and cunning birds.
It all started about two years ago, birds would constantly try to build their nest on my front porch just above the light.
I myself was just as determined as they were to keep them away.
I deliberately tried everything I could because I did not want them to succeed. Every time that I saw the makings of a nest I would immediately get rid of the sticks, straw, and what ever they would bring to build the nest. I managed to always win. I put up artificial birds, near the light, I covered around the light.
I did everything that I thought possible to keep them away.
On the top ledge I had a larger fake bird with flapping wings.
This year I covered the area around the light, placed the fake birds.
I went on line and ordered this bird repellent and deterrent scare tape. On the box it stated that the tape was highly reflective and extra strong material. A joke it was guaranteed to work.
This year was a cold late Spring. We were getting a lot of rain.
I never paid attention to the top of the light. They were working quietly and quickly during the down pouring rain.
They never seemed to leave any evidence that a nest was being built.
One day I looked up and to my surprise a bird's nest was there.
I said to myself no one destroys a bird's nest. It is the bird's home
for their babies. Next year I must be more vigilant so they can not proceed and succeed. This year the birds built a nest and probably said to themselves, "home at last."

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