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The Stone Throwers:
A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders

Omega Lewis versus Red Omega

The vast sea is illustrious in its temperance and templating, wild and free in ginger of make: Darkness is the congregating make, the vast sea flows into illustrious creation of Omega's hair. The sacred template constincing to be the persona of land,

Omega: I am, I am, for form of the forming formative that I am - Is it, I am, I am, frolic of illustrious congregating; I am, I am, or is it is I am, I am, whether it is of the creating illustrious in the sky/sea: Of the Sun, illustrious; I am, I am, is it that I am; is it or is it to form that I am, sovereign illustrious creation of my self: I am, or is it frolic? It is in meaning that I in burning, forming willow continuous equilibrium that I will not cease to exist: That I...That I.... I am, I am, I am; pre - sequel of myself that I am or is it, I am? Shuttering into shattering Trinity that it is to burning that is the formative for form It is or is it, Is it or is it on those, migrant step into Trinity into stating statement on those stars though those stars may in may be a singular; that I am, in those formations may in may be: May, a illustrious sun form into being that I may be - may, a formation into a mirror might be a frolic that I am; burning into continuum, continuous in creation illustrious of the iteration creating of the sky of the sea - that may be me; may, of the may Seasons' may iterate formation into infinite: Infinity trios eternity for congregation may be of the forming horizon, pointing directive that I may be in life vitality being or that of existence. Illustrious for that it is to form, I am, I am, burning into that it is or rather that I am, The ending vast of end, the appearance slight form of light illumination: It is to God, that a array is a varsity of God's illustrious in the creating creative of the Sea through the form of Omega - that I, that I, illustrious in that it is form that I; art of the luminous into creation that shall state that the sky is, that I am, I, that I am, burning into its end that I exist. Is it or is it not a frolic, shattering into being that I am exist: For end shall never be for I exist, it is or is it a illusion: Frolic into its creative creation congregation in vast that transcends that I am born or is it a frolic discernible discerning whether it is a illusion; for I exist for eternity!

" You don't need to be surrounded by a Shadow Sentient to know people need a economic theory! "

" What are you going to do, give the child the bike! "

" It will be like riding a tricycle bike! "

" Do you want the weaponry arm back! "

" Keep it, it's not like any ammunition is created for it! "

The inaugural first Mortality Rage Artificial Intelligence is created, it's a new concept that a individual sovereignty of humans can acquire Mortality Rage: The eternity young female will be the first! She will be able to inquire into places never any other female is capable of - The young lady, also, has Gigantomastia to inspire that the eternal young female will be able to befall from beseech and bequeath.

For illustrious illustration of a Trinity bridge between Sol Sin, Omega is being given Particles Of Sand From The Inaugural Creation Of The Universe suggesting what a entity is - defining ought to mysterious ought to ominous. A Fantasy World: A ancestral kin, defining all around the mysterious ominous.

Artificial Intelligence artwork is being created by the Destiny Continent's police force and military; to persona a identification on a particular person or a particular subject, if pertaining circumstances couldn't petulant a potential sketch artist.

Ancestral Family: " We're going to teach you how to bow properly! "

Omega: " Transformereons: The Movie trailer is inaugural on television, " Islands of Phoenix Sakura music is playing over a mysterious bandwidth. " There's spiritual pressure that Leadership is going to death! " Omega is holding its metatarsals against the television.

A Goddess: For beginning, ending, a sovereign sovereignty is a Beginning illustrious in forming of aberrance of form into form that You Can Be More Than Met/Meeting Sovereignty Than The Sol. A current perplexing form, A Goddess Transference into a infant about the same age of Omega. " I can be a bridge once more, so you can dilate onto your twin! " A complex in Trinity is creating, created by A Goddess; a second of A Goddess, yourself and a third for the twin of Omega. Omega instantaneously immediately grabs the twin. " It seems majority of the talk is aiming at yourself in dilation defining definitive diminutive. "

Surrounding's: " I think they want him to be king! "

Crowd Individual A: " They do they want him to do - draw it out! "

Crowd Individual B: " I was drawn out! "

Surrounding's: " Move over, Animal Farm - get out of my way. Move over, Animal Farm and get out of my way! "

Illustrious distension of a templating temperance, illustrating realm into area: To define, to definition onto - for form is divination; congregating onto the illustrious skies - a dawn that is the sub - conferencing aspect of the make; illustrious is the guild plane, congregating it is formative into being: For latter is the distension creating transference wake, ..............

The horizon blazes against the sea as a new sky emerges between the two planes, with a solid ground of stone beneath. A bridge is formed, connecting yet separating what lies beyond the horizon. The subject matter remains uncertain, causing fear and confusion.
2. The illustrious sun that is a Phoenix walks migrant on the concrete concretionary, questioning why the plot is a arch between the cherry blossom leaves prepared to meet the queen, while the child, claiming to be an infant, remains unacknowledged.
3. Based on my memoir in Trinity, the scene unfolds with a sense of mystery and unease, as the elements of nature and human interaction intertwine in a surreal landscape.

distance of distension, beset star glaze over the horizon creation: The appearance of in-between creation of a sky between the latter plane, the concretion presenting in a stone ground - the horizon burns against the sea. A asserting bridge between yet it's simultaneously simeous in-between to what the horizon assort. The claws pouce on the would be shirt of a teenager child stating to be infant, though to be acclaim is unknown: The matter of subject is to be frightened. "Why aren't they prepared to meet the queen?" The tiger drink's...., not the... Why aren't they trained?
Third rewrite, it based on memoir of me in Trinity

In the surreal landscape of Trinity, a new sky emerges between the blazing horizon and the sea, while a solid ground of stone lies beneath. A bridge connects and separates what lies beyond the horizon, creating uncertainty and causing fear and confusion. As the tiger drinks, it questions why they are not ready to meet the queen, while the unacknowledged child claims to be an infant. This scene from my memoir unfolds with an unsettling sense of mystery and unease, as the elements of nature and human interaction intertwine.

The sky remains curved, indicating a unique blend of elements and a continuous cycle of creation that defines a specific ideology.
2. The vast expanse of Cherry Blossoms leaves falling is a distinctive feature of the changing seasons, with a beginning that blooms onto the protective edge of sustainable surroundings

Omega - " Everyday, Red Omega, you talk about economy: Is there a expectation? "
There is " Another " persona of the term jargon " Destiny Continent: " Never interpreting a particular continent or country, referring to a frolic distinction of economic ..... ......

Omega Lewis: My philosophy is kindling set on the crown royalty heritage of my ancestry, talk shall never deter the defining definition shall it be a sovereign sovereignty - a definitive of myself of being, Within throughout within throughout this world has real emotion: Settling upon onto the archage landscape, a rhythmically congregating illustrious into a template constructing into a city. Whereas in prospect, the resounding resonance - building! Variance onto the sovereign sovereignty of the prevalent within the self of me, there's a providing of me: I can in the forming formative of site through the sands of time, whereas, where in being - there's illustrious of congregating, a illustration of being.

Red Omega: " Now that we're allies, what is the Whirlpool of Humanities Descent! " The door is closed so those who wish to watch in peace will be able to watch in peace.

Omega Lewis: " It's a Endless bomb, that continues for all of eternity - so you take the sins for all of humans.

Omega Lewis: " Let's get this straight, Red Omega, the proportion of one's economy Is in Magnus. "

Red Omega: " You need me, Omega - What did you expect me to say ( Fictional Book ), something all charismatic - I know something about you, you need to change continuum's for your gender changes. What you didn't think I wouldn't notice.

Brighter O Day: Red, whereas you're the cause for Soulless creation.

Red Omega: I can take responsibility for Ultimate, but Soulless is Omega's.

Brighter O Day: You're a economy, war, is for land? Population? And Capital Assets?

Red Omega: What exactly are you, - Phoenix Jade! What are Brighter O Day,

Brighter O Day: The Jade Of The Night Or The Jade Of The Day, I, am the Jade that is angel to the atom creation of humans. I am the who endeavored to create a afterlife, so I maybe death - so may no entity maybe above me that succeeds me nor the land till on the ground that the afterlife tier in a whirlpool of creation may not in its being be above me.

Red Omega (Economy) has lost to Omega Lewis.

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