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The Stone Throwers:
A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders


A delusion of grandeur is an exaggerated belief about one's own importance, wealth, power or talent while delusion of persecution is a false belief that he or she is being mistreated, abused or harassed.

The paranoid personality disorder is a psychiatric ailment characterized by extreme suspiciousness and distrust of others to the degree that one blames them for one's mistakes as well as failures and goes to abnormal lengths to validate prejudices, attitudes or biases. Symptoms include severe anxiety, aggressiveness, anger, hostility, violence, is skeptical and fond of nonsense arguments or verbal wrangling. This malady often occurs to anyone in their middle age.

A person with this illness is discernibly engaged in an oral scuffle and always in dispute so those who are not paranoid should refrain from arguing with them or else, you might be branded as one.

-SALLIE, thewriter1193

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