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The Stone Throwers:
A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders

Snog the Frog Rides Again

As my granddaughter has demanded I continue the saga of Snog the Frog, this is the second installment.

As much fun as his log ride had been, Snog the frog on a log eventually became bored. His curiousity had finally been satisfied, which quickly led to boredom. Abandoning his ride with a quick froggy leap, Snog landed on the bank with a squishy kerplop.

Having experienced log riding, Snog was curious if there were other means of transportation. "Croak croak, ribbit ribbit", he heard. In frog speech this meant, "Silly frog, come and hide".

Now as I've mentioned in the past, Snog was a VERY curious frog. (9 out of 10 frogs would have accepted the warning, and immediately gone into hiding.) But Snog was the 10th frog, and almost never accepted ANYthing at face value.

Something very large and loud was approaching. Snog knew this because it was making a good deal of noise, even vibrating the ground beneath him. Now, curiousity is one thing, and stupidity quite another. Snog was FULL of curiousity, but somewhat lacking in stupidity.

Still curious about what was approaching, he decided it would be wise to take the other frog's advice and hide. Somewhere nearby, where he still had a good view of what was coming, of course.

Now, riverbank frogs like Snog are renowned for two things. The first is their ability to croak, both long and loud. Snog was rightfully proud of his own skill in that area.

The second is their ability to leap. They often held contests at the Frogolympics, with the winner being first in line to be kissed by a princess, in case one happened to come along. Snog was the Frogolympic Champion 3 seasons running.

So Snog crouched low, tensing his leg muscles in preparation. Suddenly a strange contraption came rattling along. It seemed like a wooden box chasing after 4 horses! Snog had never seen such a sight, even on his log ride!

The poor horses were racing as fast as they could, but the strange box was right on their heels! How strange...very odd indeed. The strange box was made of wood, just like his log. Perhaps he could ride on it too?

His curiousity demanded answers, and there was only one way to get them! Bulbous eyes bright and sparkling with excitement, Snog gave a tremendous leap, worthy of his Frogolympic status!

High in the air he soared, causing the other frog to utter a startled croak of surprise. Had this been the Frogolympics it would surely have set a record!

Even so, the wooden box was going very fast, and there was some question if even Snog's mighty leap would be enough. Down he came, long froggy legs stretched out to full extension...but would it be enough?

(to be continued)

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