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The Stone Throwers:
A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders

Write a poem, a message, or a letter to your future self.

Dear Janet,

You have experienced a profound loss. You feel deep down inside tremendous pain. You don't know how you get through each day.
The longing and yearning is truly awful and powerful. How long you ask can this feeling go on?
You dread holidays and special occasions. As you look up at the sky you constantly ask why? Feelings of hopelessness build up within you.
You question your purpose. You feel like you no longer fit in.
You feel as though you wear a certain designer label. A label of loneliness and despair. Your world has turned upside down.
You know you will never be the same.
You feel stuck, everyone around cannot understand why you have not moved on. They think you are the same person you once were but you will never be. You ask yourself each day what does the future hold?

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