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How to Cancel Android App and Play Store Subscription

Google Play Store is a platform to provide a unified system of handling apps located on android devices. It works as a host application for all the saved and stored apps. It requires a subscription from its users to manage these apps. This subscription process can be a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis, and thus they provide various premium services to manage these apps just from the Google Play Store.

Sometimes we don’t need the subscription package anymore and tries to cancel it in simple steps. If you are in trouble in canceling the subscription package of Google Play Store and Android Apps, then you can do so, and it can be canceled in two different ways:
2.By using Web

Follow these guidelines to cancel the subscription effortlessly by following these mentioned steps:

Canceling Play Store Subscription through Android Device

One of the easiest methods to cancel a subscription of your Google Play Store is the android handheld device.
◾First and foremost, hit the application of the Play Store. In case you are unable to search it on your system, then swipe the home page upward to launch the application section.
◾Then, scroll through the page to search for the particular application there.
◾After that, navigate to the menu option situated at the uppermost left side section of your app’s interface.
◾Then, hit the Subscription tab located somewhere at the half section of your page.
◾Now, you will be able to view all the available subscription plans for that you are paying a particular to avail of some premium services.
◾Next, hit the subscription plan of your choice.
◾After that, choose the link of canceling subscription package situated at the lowermost section of the page.
◾Now, a prompt outbox will ask you the reason for canceling the subscription package. You have to give a genuine reason for your choice.
◾Then, hit the Continue button to proceed.
◾Now, a confirmation window will open, and you to provide your confirmation by selecting the option “Cancel Subscription.”

Note: By the end of this billing period, your subscription plan will remain active.
◾In case your subscription plan is new, then you have to opt for the refund of your amount from Google Play Store there.

Canceling Play Store Subscription through Web

In case you don’t wish to access your android Google Play Subscription package, then it is recommended to cancel it from your device. Here we are providing instructions to cancel it by visiting the website of Google Play Store with ease.
◾Hit the desired web browser that you want.
◾Then, visit the site of the Play Store and then hit the link related to My Subscription situated at the left-hand side section.
◾Now, hit the Manage tab there placed at the right-hand portion of your device display. Make sure that it is related to the subscription that you wish to cancel.
◾Choose the option “Cancel Subscription.” This option will be placed at the lowermost section of the prompt out menu.
◾At last, press the Cancel Subscription tab to authenticate your decision.

Note: The subscription plan will be active up to the finishing of your current billing period.

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