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Netflix Announces a Season 6 for The Crown After All

Netflix announced that “The Crown”, a popular drama show that looks into the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, will come back for its sixth and final season, just months after announcing that the fifth season will be the last for the show. Writer and creator of the show, Peter Morgan stated that this possibility of reversal was brought to the table at the time of the show’ planning process. He said that when the discussions for the season five’s plot line commenced, it soon became transparently clear that to do justice to the sheer depth and richness of the story’s plotline, they had to make the sixth season and end it gracefully. But he made it clear that the last season will not bring the show anywhere near the current time, but only explain the same period in better detail.

In January 2020, Morgan had contrarily stated that the fifth season of the show felt like a “perfect time and place to stop” and that Sony and Netflix seconded the decision. The show premiered in 2016; Claire Foy cast as a new, young and abruptly crowned Queen Elizabeth II. She continued for two seasons where the show’s entire focus was on the early years of the monarch’s rule and all the drama her family went through back in the day. In November, Netflix rolled out the third season of the show, where jot Olivia Colman played the role of the Queen during the 1960’s and 1970s era. The season was riddled with all the economic and political heat that the monarch saw and dealt with, and also problems with her eldest children Prince Charles and Princess Anne back home.

The fourth season’s release date is yet to be confirmed wherein Coleman will be back as the Queen and revive the events through Margaret Thatcher’s premiership and Prince Charles’s marriage with Princess Diana. For the fifth season, Coleman will be passing on the metaphorically heavy crown to Imelda Staunton. Last week, makers of the show and Netflix announced that Lesley Manville would be seen on the screen as Princess Margaret in the fifth season. For the first two seasons, Vanessa Kirby played the part of the late princess and then passed on the baton to Helena Bonham for the next two seasons.

Cindy Holland, Vice President of Netflix’s original content, said that the team is eager to present the fourth season to the audience. She said that she proudly supports the visions Peter has for the show and all the talented cast and crew lined up for the final season.

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