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10 Best Legendary Farming Locations in Borderlands 3

It’s been a while since the arrival of Borderlands 3 still, it continues to acquire acclamation from the gamers. The game was quite rare and kind of new for players when it first showed up. Even though there were numerous first-person shooter genre video games available in the market at that time, it still managed to intrigue gamers. The game contains numerous weapons, grenades, shields, class mods, and artifacts. Even though these armaments are in large numbers, it is still hard for gamers to find them. Below we have provided a specific list of the best ten legendary farming locations in Borderlands 3.

Top Ten Legendary Farming Locations in Borderlands 3
◾Tom & Xam

The gamers who have played Borderlands 3 must be familiar with Tom & Xam. However, the players who have recently joined the game need to know about them. Therefore, these are among the infamous bosses of Borderlands 3 who came into existence during the second DLC invasion. Gamers who managed to beat them in the arena will be rewarded with a massive amount of armaments and other essential items. However, the real gimmick comes into play when players start killing only one of them and then escape the arena along with half reward.
◾Scraptrap Nest

It is another infamous arena of Borderlands 3, where gamers are thrust into a fight with multiple character symbiosis. The primary reason players must look up to this farming location is that during the fight, whenever gamers hit the boss, they will drop a legendary item or weapon.
◾Eista The Invincible

Eista is another dreaded boss of Borderlands 3’s world, and he is often considered the simplest one to fight. He first came into existence during the controversial Guns, Love, and Tentacle’s DLC. Similar to Scraptrap, there are numerous possibilities of massive drops during his battle.
◾Agonizer 9000

Precisely, Agonizer 9000 is one of the most straightforward bosses to fight in Borderlands 3. There are numerous vulnerabilities of Agonizer 9000 which gamers can look up.

One of the most infamous bosses in Borderlands 3’s world is Freddie, the Traitor. The reason behind this popularity is the numerous legendaries that he drops during the fight. However, hundreds of minions keep on guarding him all the time.
◾Slaughter Shaft

Slaughter Shaft is yet one of the best farming locations discovered in Borderlands 3. This is the arena in which Boney runs the famous Circle of Slaughter tournament. These tournaments are sponsored by Mr. Torgue.
◾Maliwan Takedown

Gamers can easily access the Maliwan Takedown due to less security surveillance. There are merely two or three minions guarding the boss; players can easily manage them. Later on, the boss will show up, and then gamers need to slay him too.
◾Captain Traunt

Gamers across the globe are quite fond of Captain Traunt. The most obvious reason for that is his sheer power over other bosses. Captain Traunt is a complex character, who is sort of souped up version of the enemies the players must have already encountered.

It takes a lot of kindness to be generous, and Gigamind is one of the Borderlands 3’s bosses who is full of it. Gigamind belongs to Meridian Metroplex, which is situated at the least distance from the farming location.

Graveward is one of the initial bosses of the Borderlands 3. Gamers can easily fight with him, and during the fight, he will drop various legendaries. However, these legendaries are quite less in number.


Legendaries are one of the essential items in every game. Thus, in Borderlands 3, they also play a key role. Gamers can obtain the gaming experience of Borderlands 3 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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