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The Stone Throwers:
A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders

Phoenix Envy: Quill Omega Magna Ratification

Glare set of the dawn, the illumination that the city might befalling: The Mighty Might Befallen On The Day Eclipsing Into The Night. Fall onto the limmering of a queen, quell on the dawn morning amidst in the glare sought of the horizon destinating the congregation midrift between the star singularity of oneself and the gamma nova star fabricating ones being: Sol yours the City Of Avalon, tillerating on the dust forging the congregation of a hearth, the accumulative destinating make pondering the sky simeous simultaneously with the sea. The morning stands against the dawn, the mighty till over the befalling bewilderment: Tis the morning immenientation, the envious congregation conjuring whether of the burning trapidation conspiring to which it is or nigh the fabrication is arch Caden to the whelm fellow of god. Burn into whether, the adversary approaches: Illumination till the morning, whether the determination is Avalon or lost, eternity or infinity. It will determinate the destinating quandary of stand, emblem in the monarchy: Star sought morning cultivating the dust among the day, the deceitens are clearing en arch are on the falling inclamnative of dust inclination of bequeath and beseet. The wind and breeze Caden them to the direction of flee: Narrow is the personification of cherry blossom leaves. The destinating swords against the illumination of the sun, parrying trapidation discerning the deeds iterating such kindling is of the morning will of intentions curtaining therefore is a lim of light standing thereforth: Stance is thou encumbant of a omni potent dare tear of a crystal fall, the morning tilt onto the kindle of deeds. Illumination settles preparatory light onto the iterating rise gadence to be over the radiance of the sea assailing onto the steps of morality.

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