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Phoenix Envy: Darkness Butterfly

ISBN: 978-1-03424-4

Cometh, beauty: A beginning is emptiness, yielding stray of all things - Of matter, there is the coming of apparition! Of the beginning, there's a blank purity Cometh reading lost for nothing has been gaining: Art to ominous creation, art to ominous congregating - it is unbeknownst, there is the abstaining of make to ominous. It is bewildering, there is ominous of - limitless/limiting. The form is bewildering wilderness, there is the restraining of ominous: It is wilderness, of the form adjourn of ominous - for what is known for upon the denses restraining of shape, there is the restraining volume too. Ominous, the sub-longevity of ominous is a lare of sub-lion subjectionation: It is wilderness ominous inferring there is a that, protruding to ominous - it is ominous, the concurrences, that ominous is to the con creation of the ......

Cometh, Beauty: Ominous the dilation is inaugural.

Cometh, Beauty: Apparition is giving for ought of itself.

Cometh, Beauty: Within meaning - Rising, there is a protrudence to rise - upon the sacred lariation precediating creation within concretion befilde of a pivotation and a clear pivotally of parallel simile tense pasture. Of a beckoning lariation, there is a singularity, within its befilde to rise: The rising concretion is a pariance of and beginning, conformity to which is a beginning simeous to a ending - laring the perimeter is at the end, adversary to the immediate beginning. To which it is to rise - is a pariance, ominous to any ending, adversarious to its ending is immediate. To which all causes are of a rise adversive, there a rise to a beginning connotative to the ending is ominous the same creation. To which is barren, must rise: It is a concretion of stillness, the pivotation to rise. There's a pivotation open, it is ominous - the immediate correlation of a beginning to the ending. The parallel conformities is a stall to rise, it is obliteration: Chaos asserts that a rise must be pivotal to movement! For the secrecy is befilde of a rise: Rising upon the sacred beginning: For thou concretion is upon the conjecture octave to the lariation - if it has begun when will it begin. Rise upon the illusionary equivalency equilibrium: To which it is clave the sature of the reaches is upon forth and be claven equivalency equilibrium, to define is divine divination ominous - within is quandary, riden within stillness, catering forth is a inclination to remain beset or befilding to rise. The enigma is clear, lariation the inclinementation of conjuration: To precediate a rise is a lariation of a clave equivalency equilibrium.

Cometh, beauty: A accursory arceous is forious adjunctionary, to which behold the beginning is levying and art clave to rise. There's a prevalence to which the beginning is indifference of if upon a connotation of rise: To the clear pivotation of

Beginning onto the night that darkness, beckon sol illumination: Sol simplistic orbit of celestial morning. And the morning is the orbit writing into the night, whilst celestial into being: The night is resonance onto darkness, beautiful is solemn singularity. Divine divination of the night meeting the day, day meeting the night divine videlicet singularity night/day glimpsing at the celestial sky: Beginning of seasons'! The day temperance the night, the night temperance the day between the divine divination creation of the sea: The day darling temperance the night, the night darling temperance the day.

What is, the mere proportioning the perpetuation of quandary: On the set of darkness, thriving onto the Beset of light and darkness, creation to what it may or beginning, in site of creation realm in area to that is: Creation onto the beginning. To what is inter creation light of quandary and within the querying of what is, presence is there entailing that is: Pouring quandary onto the literary of being. Proportioning that is within its rationalization: Conjuring of being, it is the omnient of. Proportioning Beginning, setting the tempest

Darkness beautiful, there is no horizon: Be it now - For there's no fortune, no storm, no how! Know change has a plan, cannot be nor nigh assailing the passage of human acclimate: For that fortune can bequeath any change, seasons' brings the tao inaugural new - Uh darkness queen! Baring the new cherry blossom leaves! The clouds beseech a dream, unlike any man: There's a path or passage, young infant - by your own creation, somewhere out there. Hold out your voice, silence allocates it to sing creating a hearth: Upon a promise, star every star has a sweet cool. Somewhere out there: To the figurative rationalization within, glimpse closed, Hold out your hands. Near a star, both close and a far: Glowing closer, closer on the significant God's land: Allocate reminiscence, allowing upon remembrance parallel onto the singularity art thou chosen. Allowance upon remembrance, burning a fire shirring and bright: Uh, the singularity be art thou princess queen! Somewhere upon the stars is your dream! Upon the distant star: Burning a hearth, where is art thou your heart? Uh, distant star: Is your heart? Allotting a star both near and far, twilight is your dance: stillness of a stance. Twilight your stance: Is a humble dance, uh sacred star arise from your heart: Burning within the might of a star. Burning bright: From the dawn until the night, raising the land beknownst to be holly. Sacredness within a darkness butterfly! Forging keen kindling, without nigh: Never willing to pasture forgetfulness. Pivotatication seasons', mirroring fringe on matter how! There's a distant proclamation of a name: A tempest temperance of a temple parallel to the anon burning within, a tempest Transference on a change. When the sun shines a better day! Burning within the singularity materializing to be me, a fire burning unbeknownst beknown that didn't know: There's your dream, burning a horizon blaze. Follow everywhere it goes, uh burning kindling within the singularity congregating ampiture: Uh, singular darkness queen! Won't you fly, burning a horizon blaze: There's a Burning come of mai heart, near and far! Where every encumbant blazes congregation creating a hearth of a star. Beyond the path of any common man, burning star: Whenever is your heart! Shine your wings bright: Uh, my darkness night! Burning bright upon this night, rising fire encumbering sol: Our house is your land, upon every man. Fulfill your perplexing set, fulfill the dawn of dream: Sun long shall prolong your internal song, Midrift summon!

The night/day becomes singularity, darkness night onto the day: Day becomes night, becoming beginning - ending within the flower jasmine becoming the day, blooming of the sea. Beautiful within singularity, midrift is of seasons': Sakusei sousaku, the water yarimizu shitamiza de motte kankyoudukuri the sea and the sky, light on the jiban of creation - beautiful, the darkness is creation light sarinagara is still light. Blooming creation of gesture movement, a light nuke hana

Night garagara, settling all - night of, setting light beginning creation: And of, singularity is within. A manner of light, settling current - If though it was instantaneously tsukurimono, light is the creation of the sea: Being erupt in a flare encumbrance emblem, the sea was needed of a Omen to be. The sea molded the supreme god into being, For it was a imagination that was needed: Darkness beautiful, ashidori onto the flare of light.

End sun bent by creation, light geography of - that the infinity city was a creation of light, Sol darkness light Sol light onto darkness creation of singularity. Creation of the sea, darkness onto the light sakibutori toosu seiritsu hissatsuwaza en of darkness onto the silhouette creation of the sea: Darkness nashite shouminkan into concretion, uh beautiful darkness and into the darkness, light.

Darkness forming into concretion, beauty of light: Shalt it be a sol, forming silhouette/light of a sun - darkness shall it be supremacy, silhouette beauty of singularity within. That it shall, being shouminkan of singularity: Sono Shi-Mukyuu. ........

The shi- gijutsutekitokuiten of beauty,

Light is the inaugural, to be - limitless/limited, to be within the defer or deferral defining. To be within the Singularity of one, to be within one: Singularity, to is singularity whelm onto To - For being is futeikei and kakuteikyoshutsuneikin.
Darkness is the night illuminating illumination over the horizon tier all term of illumination illuminating, light is the inaugural dawn beginning: Darkness is the sea of light that came, over if the qwell of light came beneath first. Burning atoms into birth, it is a autonomy for sand: It is a section for sand, it is within the singularity of being - whelm to what being is. It is within singularity, divine divination, it is beautiful: Decise on, to which it is - That, must be it is. It is to define, mere proportioning Beginning built editification of it is, that emblem conceptualization: The singularity of it is, built, it is - it is machination of Decise divination onto defining.

Within realm of darkness, there is of beautiful

Beautiful is Decise, the universe it is to be born or risen: Beautiful onto creation, Decise it is light - The metaphysical or connotation of being, beautiful is that it is physical being. It is, to define defining being - silhouette is Decise of, it is, singular. Light defining Decise of the metaphysical, defining Decisination light silhouette: To be

Darkness beautiful, within being of creation light: Shall it or is it, to whelm, it is divination of singularity - The light is a sea, creating the sea as light - It is to, beautiful, to it is. Beautiful, singularity within videlicet it is Decise: It is within videlicet parish, defining machination

Darkness over, the beauty beautiful, it is - being, endless beginning sand Decise creation. It is to Decise, If being creation, barence light decise: For what is light, beautiful darkness - light realm onto darkness beautiful, keying onto what is the fabrication of god. Darkness beautiful within me is the conception of a literal god, it is: Singular singularity of within that is me or is it god?

Beautiful it is, darkness Decise of - defining within its to it is, of Decise metaphysical, creation is being. Beautiful is darkness decise onto definition, it is: Metaphysical/Physical constant menination conjuring

Beautiful is onto blair of connotation, within realm resonance : The light of the sea bloom Omega, resonance is bloom of its own. Darkness beautiful, darkness Omega gesturing movement of it is: Darkness is the burning resolute creation, endless beginning conjuring it is limiting/limitless, singular to the congregation of others'.

Darkness beautiful is blair on my step is flexeril flare,

Night is the day, day is the night, the step are being creation as step is: Step bequeath are a flare, rampart on the new beginning - beginning being, the spark flare is conceptualization for ought congregation of God is simeous. The creation of God is simultaneous, the flaring spring is the sea silhouette to initial beginning: The secrecy of God, the sea, saw determinating metaphor was ought first - The mother grace to which isn't a metaphor for not being seen, light flew from god creating Omega. Ever is resonance for presence is though thou with all seems in ex consider defining whether or rather, step is thou vision of the beginning that Omega was born Beset with God by God: That the beautiful darkness entailed for such is only metaphor, reasoning metaphysical - The new born universe was entangled of human born in God. Omega doesn't speak on her own, not without the congregation of others': Amongst the star, barence in the - to it is, beautiful darkness. A indulgence of singular, indulger of celestial singularity condemnation for that is: /Sought in wilderness of definition, grace onto my resonance - barence is powerful, darkness beautiful. The night steps Beginning, Swindle onto me, nigh night

Sol iteration of the day sun as light onto the makings of grace glory God:

Art of, giving nigh of reasoning:

And if darkness blooms onto that day/night that is a night/day, then let the cherry blossom leaves bloom: For the Befalling is, ever defining, nigh to and encumbant ever vascent - darkness, rise, it is Silhouette to infer that which never was and yet to be created, creating onto And, of the Befalling initial being of God.

Darkness is never nor being of And, the forging contailing beginning: Resonance shall equivalent equilibrium on a abstain if it might yet nigh is silhouette and forth never is or has came, beautiful darkness.

To the tense of night, light shining day: The day is in-between, to the tense of day - light shining night, always in prayer. Of the Nightinggale, the light always shine in the darkest darkness depth silhouette darkness to the light barence contract eternal/infinity: Nay shall darkness ever come over, for darkness is indeed Omega - The Befallen has rise, Befalling is risen And Befalling of the whilst within that is god of all and goddess of all, within the singularity of life/death, the conceptualization that God has gave. And so Befalling has fall, falling as the darkness befall: The area realm of may what, wondrous, wonderful of such beautiful, wonderful night/day tilling day/night as eternity/infinity divination divine divinity as the depths talk celestial of the sol is a spirit apparition fathoming phantom definitive One True Queen - Supreme Maravilloso Teologia set is declaration is art ought thou God.

Morning day, beautiful darkness, night of morning into the day of night: Solemn of the night that is the day, resonance of the illuminating seasons' - amperage of a branch lineage of god that is the day between eternity and infinity, a step of elegance walking onto beautiful darkness. Solemn of the day to which is night, forever is a concretion devise videlicet of the bewildering wilderness that there is a infinity and eternity: Resonance on that devise is a panel pressing onto the abilities of a seasons' forever Nightinggale, forever to redefine conceptualization - creation onto the night is the day, the sea is the creation of God and human, yielding both the elegance charisma of the morning and the darkness. To which the day is met, creation onto the night: Till the day, creation is of human - And onto the plain may resound, over the creation of God. And yet not, the One True Queen: Still human speaks of ever rest of god - forever Omega has been god, walk onto the plain of the Fictional. Speak of god, civilization shall speak of .... Creation onto the day is the night, to which the night is met and the sea is creation of May, the beautiful spring between the seasons' - forming to which is seemingly human.

Night Befalling, day Befallen onto the morning - if day is the night over ever limitless/limitedness, if the night is to bewilder realm area site wilderness art ...

Should the night beg onto the day, begging for vitality: Begging for life, if life was within then what does life beg for - if there's a indifference on the night, then what of the day and within singularity, the sun shines celestial of ought being or what quandary onto the first morning videlicet the beginning illumination of The One True Queen was the first wake of the sea. Pouring as if it was the sea, a infant set to be so beautiful: The quandary blooming leaves of cherry blossom, life and death - for this is the inauguration of the soul, beautiful darkness. Beautiful darkness onto the beginning sight of god, beginning opening eyes: The living site of the One True Queen/Supreme Maravilloso Teologia, creating my individual and singularity with stand: A created place by the individual for eternity.

Sol, such darkness be beautiful: The seasons' are by, by the spring blooming a waterfall - temperance onto transference, clave shall be creation.

Such is a simplistic inter myth writing on the orbit of designation be beautiful: Shall be the orbit of the sun, darkness be that capacity - Such are true Eternity.

The inter relations begins with the beginning, true Eternity are such or of - the interplications sole of being. Solemn in truth, solemn in exemplification to lariation of being: Distinct in the name of being, shall it credence be of god - the orbit of a moment, beginning, blooming like a waterfall.

Beautiful darkness, over the land binds such darkness beautiful: Designating the elegance, onto the stair re- of the beautiful darkness into the celestial fathoming apparition of and seasons' eternal tenure defining designation definition of land and archage. Onto the myth of land and archage, a waterfall forming creation from light simeous the water blooming flow is light - life and death migrates/walks with the singularity of divination dividing god or such is individuality, with the blooming flow of water.

Solemn falling - Befalling, secular infinity/eternity on the light falling. A singularity before creation and after creation, beautiful darkness: A ominous beside the striving formation of god - For god was already created.

Darkness, beautiful and till onto the perplexity of make, that presence is or is it neither simultaneously art that thou is defining divinity and usher the first movement being: Thou has created light, thou has created thou self. Beautiful, darkness, beautiful that it is inauguration, being onto neither or for explanatory, a clarity though it's defining - neither is and darkness, beautiful, darkness for art thou perplexity of make that presence is or is it creation that is Singular defining.

Darkness, uh, beautiful - it is to that the sea forming to be the being in capability of Omega, formalize itself. Thou it is the sea conjuring as light, it is the One True Queen/Supreme Maravilloso Teologia who created creation: Uh, beautiful! Grace adversary yielding adventurous deeming the light, and then, mysterious Omnient notion/denotation meaning: Inaugural beginning, spark flare on the beginning - Dark is the night, night is the day onto the meaning And to the counter cassion of meaning, formative to composition and beautiful darkness defining definitive mark of creation.

Darkness fathoming phantom of a personifying butterfly, light is creation, shadow the beginning: Creating the sea, to which is bellows onto the darkness blooming form and sol of it's distinction kind - And sol marble to all creations of the recent universe, distinctions carry strafe to the con creation of atom. Perversion to god, of all and indicate intermediation permersion of all simeous to beginning.

Came myth, Cometh, the Baring of Jade - mannerism materializing and materializing mannerism of composition creation that it is a parallel to - presence is there's a personifying personification of Jade. It is to form if, distinction of Jade neither exists, then to what is Jade? Of the barnering creation, that is with itself - forming particle of atom, carrying distinction.

Night of the orbit of darkness parrying illumination kindling creation illuminating light prism paradigm brightening aperture aberration onto the forge, bright creation light, light shall it neither be defining divination or divinity videlicet creation is a wake: Determinative is the defining beginning, illumination shall neither be the defining definitive.

And shall it bring light, for neither is defining nor creation of be defining: Neither shall creation be Befalling, it is neither defining - creation is of neither defining and defining conceptualizing .... is befilde Befalling that neither can

Onto sway of the night - fort, building creation for neither is beginning

Does a befuddle of a Nightinggale bare onto the night/day, the day/night light onto the dawn creation creating the sunlight: Singularity being be a god or goddess.
If singularity singular light illuminating light is aberration of loft in conceptualizing creation videlicet beginning is and Was There/There Was, if singular singularity being is the be settling essence: Settling the sol to reverence, if light is creation that neither will ever dim - There Were/Were There true darkness. If is to the singular singularity iteration,

To vitality, there's life: To life, there's death - defining divination of Eternity. To death, whereas that realm forge onto birch heed that is that con currents: To death, there's life - vortexes neither solemn beautiful dark, darkness resonance creation of the sea by light - it is light.

Settle be found on the creation of God.

Dark onto being, dark onto the beginning, eclipsing onto the creation: Baring being,

Darkness, if, on the perplexity of plane: Arch climb myth, beautiful, sol encumber on the forming encumbant of and beautiful, within itself, solemn resonance parrying piercing summit - a Sovereignty of a rose, barence on the area's realm of - beautiful darkness, the most of the skies are whereas forges of space that if it should be kindle in its kindling in the giving beginning/ending shed concretion creation of being.

Site within mortality, bequeaths: Beautiful Darkness, the Soul set upon the sun - the soul set to the sun has, concretion to cognition that is overly that creation is god perpetuating sun and ought of god, to which is the distinction of human. Perpetuating sun lining the sun, the Soul Transportation has turned into the variance virtue of morality forming into conception iterating into the course of sunlight into aquainted to device onto the matter ignitating: Forming into conception, Victorian Rage, baring withhold desire of the abberation vessel.

Day onto the night that the flare is burning, darkness beautiful, beautiful darkness, sol flare fire: Burning, darkness onto to the sovereignty baring the hearth meant matter in concretion - baring, beautiful darkness, darkness is onto the day that the flare is beginning concretionary existence to which is being. To which is the creating flow of, that it cannot be defining: The Fictional ramification of sensations, the illusion beneath defining atom or the beginning creation of atom - the initial formation of a string, the sand of god came of loft that is neither onto or out of. A goddess step touching light, simeous simultaneously, creating light: The set, defining simeous to the migrant walk of god. Overly, the course is ought Omni to within: A stage, glimmering of a star - proving god deciding to create itself after, a star proving. The darkness was only to came over, never was presenting, the sea was needed to create light: A Omen ushering only as a rainbow standing midrift as the sand dust of god and neither of a star. Seasons' became, after and tomorrow and then until now, a letter and that creation is a vessel: Creation neither is concretion yet, a burning by god, knowing and simeous to being is to being and creation is neither controlled - the Seasons' are sealed, the forming is known inside of the womb of the Supreme Maravilloso Teologia. Known to be creator of every continuum, never vast in another and a another exists in the womb of god: The creator, the writer of Seasons'. Quandary begs, benediction is to write: Neither shall, the current is felt - the womb is of god, interceding a Omen of the sand that was formed from god that is Omega. Neither of a definition can succise.

Old porch perch on the concrete, falling into the handling of darkness beautiful: Ever sub succeeding, split in the accommodating circumstances held in the pure - orbit of the writing, perch, in the orbit of the writing sun. Held in the name, what is of the name and of a name being, what's in a name or that it is of a name that is a name: Being, being held over the stars' glimmering bright to it is the sun writing of and perch flow of being, that being is beginning, The star is singular of itself, beautiful darkness, the stars' approach darkness to the creation of the sea: Within their embodiment of a universe, the star is a singularity - rising to all that it is god. Barence on the giving faith, bare is the creation of the sing.... jewel: Bare if it is to a physical form known to be apparition, bare onto with the query onto this jewel - It is to believe or it is the whelm creation of god, the perimeter is surrounding as a realm that it is kindling in its distinction. The darkness sweep's in the foil assernity, perch of writing in the sun of a simplistic orbit and a orbit is, it is a Sovereignty of the self illumination in the beautiful as if it was the sky and the sea simultaneously. The city is a being over the singularity that is the star, and over the singularity of the star is a city: All were seasons' creating, by god - god knew all and was immune to all, to be defined, defining must be divinity, so time is a Omen of existence.

The Terra once again is burning, or that it is was: Omega built a concretion over the entire planet made of pure gold. Omega went into slumber.

If our site, sight, was a mountain over the furthest farthest reaches beginning/ending migrates repetition: If our sight, site, was a summit endeavoring to be a mountain encumbant clave over the farthest furthest migrates again - to the divinity define defining - To a pillar of shadows protecting a doorway, the doorway is multiplicious in its mysteries: Encumbant of the celestial defining divination to be if it was god or goddess, transference transforming into the art of divinity clave onto the form endeavoring to be of god or relating joust onto the interior structure into being - the mantle burns, the fire and the sea simeously rises. Yet the civilization endeavoring itself, directive of itself over anarchy rising Solus, above the pier piercing sins: Yet the civilization below it is aware of its presence - respect's it is to it, neither a resonance of admiralty and the sways of darkness in-between.

To distinct of respect it and fear it, the encumbant of Solus neither later - distancing the sun and light, light of the sun giving. It is, the light of the sun is giving to the acclimate climbing pillar of the sky: Of the sky defining to be the sea, simeous of each other - writing of a beautiful darkness, tilling into the singular sovereignty star. To the hearth concretion, shy kilt in its divinity divine form: Built onto the alteration of sands and opposition. To distinct of respect it and fear it: A light shines on a group - of three kindling relationship, to form of humans and in the migrant walk of humans.

The shadows never brittle residing abnormally against adversary/adversary against the sun: Allotting the sun to contrive manipulation in its appearance to be, allocating allocation of the sun is allotting to manipulate it's appearance to contrive human! Our sight distincts neither dance: Trinity standing guard, three standing - sentient of three, surrounding and reprieve on a nexus art bent being of civility of civilization that there are and there is of being. Surrounding is being, surrounding is the light of reprieve, guide the hearth of man: For bent is - The Night Of Fire. Surrounding and reprieve on a nexus of so many passageways. For our distinction of humanity, solel for the concretion of itself. Create onto me a destiny willowed in a destination concrete of ourselves and our establishment. Before neither that art is clave is to be God - the formings of god, the complication of myself is existence eternity shining on the realm art area of light. Prism into being perpetuating the eternity light of god, trembling on myself: Never visualizing what is day to the ever rest of being, slept in the light of God being - birth is ever the sea reminisical on the sky and the fire gadence light, the horizontal atmosphere holds neither opposition, neither flare of evil nor of good. Existence is the barence in one's own, force, the keen shy of presence kindles wings of only the solemn sovereignty God: Flare it is in its only disguise, it is temperance.

Darkness sol onto the sea where it is light, creation of itself and creation of: The original Infinity City was of creation, orbit of beautiful golden boundary creating barrier whereas the possibility is creation is by god - particles presuming to be atoms are flowing off the creating boundary, into creation.

Orbit of such is the sea, the first Gaia City was born by build: The Sol Soul neither is known or it wasn't, beautiful darkness, the plausibly of creation was possible - the Terra was burning, build a city of the perplexity summit. It was simplicity, hammering if the PhoenixTopians we're humans: A bypass, shown into the whereas of awareness - civilization Videlicet is once or still is? To the swiftness of creation, a bypass assern the possibility of awareness within the city: The body rarely resonance, parrying into the stars' - a singular star was orbit writing a simplistic creation, it is of itself or it is of a stance. It was theorizing that the city itself had sentience: By wheel of flare into the light of god jacked between two parallels.

Day is to the duology illumination building duel creation - onto site, lair sight building more than anything into spectrum of reality. Within site, neither can compare that it is building space into reality. Flowing into being, moments till in the particles of atoms - a horizon concreting the conceptualization, the horizon is ever to meeting that it is the personification of melting, yearn to that it is or neither never a proper name forming designation. Sovereign to the distillation is keen onto the conceptualization, ever beset neither to limitations or limitless, that it is Kern in the way presence beginning/ending: The residence over, forming the solar storm, uh beautiful darkness - the or rather, thou neither can rather and it is beginning, though a rather or it is to that neither is place or placement, templating, phrase illumination form be is Scarlet Night/Scarlet Day.

If the depths of darkness osou assailing being, solemn light illumination baring birth/bearings: Partial sparse kindling, onto the darkness that is the illumination defining over whelm is and the kindling of light is onto, onto it is defining definition, light that is the illumination divine divination to be or defining or it is creation over whelm is simultaneously all.

To Cometh, sparse of light neither till of time, the One True Queen or Supremacy cultivating birth to herself: Sparse of light, created herself - avatar of ones' self for the cultivation of ones' self, so all words are all and one defining.

Presence is within myth of Omega Wintersnightinggale, seasons' barring of wind/breeze - a beautiful symphony of music, glimpsing on the elegance of the sun light illumination. The infant is held, homing onto the sky met horizon: A city secretly approaches, a female voice is resonance - "Put the infant down!" To the house of Jade, the illumination is beset of a ancient beautiful darkness according to the a creation boundary concretion built onto the beginning neither to a end and simeous beginning the end. wardrobe clothing of ancient hanfu - for if the darkness resounds onto itself, temperance darkness kindling the light, uh beautiful darkness kindling that it is a plane. Woving into clothes covering every season, a nightingale harmonizing the harmony of singing: cloth tends temperance templating leaves of cherry blossom, the creation from atoms forming to which end is a beginning.

Fortress, it has been too long: Fortress, presence is within now in its human form - the Exomay's have taken over the Dimension Prefect known to be called Earth, some are human, some are Exomay and some are even PhoenixTopian. The warrant reply is in silence, though the Fictional rules of warrior: I, to which is God, thought there wasn't any more PhoenixTopians - a story that Omega herself knew it was a story because, a sublimation of thought, knew it was a story. The wind/breeze between Solar Flare prevail, tears of assailance descending onto the concretion of plane forms onto Fortress: Spontaneously tier onto amazement, the large muscular male body written in mythology to be ..... opens up - Omega Wintersnightinggale begins to fire out of a projectile weapon while the human body Transference into a city.

Set onto the darkness/light that never nor neither can a company proportion a enchantment against Omega Wintersnightinggale, For it is eternal onto the eternity/Eterniteration/infinity for there shall be never binding of such entity for ...... : By cerebrum to the entirety of legs, it is - Omega Wintersnightinggale, free. Held in Omega Wintersnightinggale grasp is the Scroll Of The God's, Judgment Scroll and Tempest Scroll.

Over the cleaniness of a spring haru modoru perpetuating that of the beginnings of seasons - Do that it is the set of a king to be divinity divination defining definition as a Emperoranionist gaze as a simultaneously a Emperor and a Empress, koshi of bark barnerings forest onsen secret creations, the swords tend to clave onto creation. The sono rose from its own creation

The burning of the sky, beginning of creation, the sky is burning of the initial illumination of God: The being forming over, it is of the radiance tout of temperance making r- particle materialization is of the current make of the sky in its creation, proponent and respondent spires of its make, beauty Videlicet in its current precipitation is beauty. Radiance temperance that is the sol forming sovereign, concising, it is a beautiful to a flare creation of divine divination: To it is a bewildering

To the night, it is to the defining Night as neither - forming whereas where are to. To the night's darkness, beautiful tranquility onto the parody sky/sea formulating space - to the materialization of being, it is of being, to the formation formalizing creation that it is of/of in difference variance to formalize transpassing transpassity into the materialization of space. Onto the lair of night that is the defining divine laring divine defining divination of to it is of sinuoette beauty laring of neither to the lair of the Supreme Maravilloso Teologia, it is of being that it is parallel dividing divination to central that it is a personification is: Of a forming atom, Videlicet it is of a form into its creation, Videlicet personification - it is clear on form, form in creation, the illumination illuminating to Videlicet inter abberation

Sheltering onto creation, whereas personification is a self iteration of creation, the trace burning within - flare of fire, all that is meant, and illumination illuminating onto being into light.

Darkness is the night, the air current of the sky/sea, the night of darkness: The light of being, light is illumination - the illumination of the sun being, beauty such is the personification of a divine divinity wings of spreading burning if it was light/fire correlating seen to a few, a bewildering unbeknownst to site closest. Creation, light the darkness - darkness is the abberant of or Befalling, a form never that has exist for existence was and is never created, creation, creating. Darkness Befalling the iterary for and of, darkness is the night, neither aqueous blank is the prior perpetuation of existence or life - that it is to live.

San Clear is the neither aqueous blank on the silhouette to perpetuation, it is of and for only, San Clear because and notation of darkness - if it's the beginning, the elution of defining is neither ever pertaining plane or realm of being. Darkness is the night, to whereas, night over the abstaining abberation - should it be, the entanglement of a - form yet being, form, it is entanglement to call or name. If it is to be called, then: it is to be named.

Darkness came light, light came darkness - form city, each city aligning next to one forming one. It's creation by God, it's creation by those who will being residing in it: A debate by those such likiness of god. A new flower of rose blooms or will it be by the Fictitious/Fictional.

Beautiful darkness - Of the sea, tilling the blooming over the creation of summit perplexity perplexing built still on the horizon of beauty, there is Omega: Beautiful darkness, never any period of its interruption - forming all is beneath Omega, yet never is a human God. The definition of the darkness rein, truth yet false, And thereforth - the horizon is creation, the endeavorance of the sea in its creation parting creating in a beginning momentarily instance of - it is the sea.

Beautiful darkness, it is to the creation of forging creation - creating, that it is of beautiful parrying cultivating complication in darkness. A mere immediate instantaneous light, solemn light, at the dawn - dawning temperance templating temptress, it is the singularity of star shining perch amidst neither. The inclementation is the materialization of space, the temperance in-between is furious core creating creation - The impulse of inaugural beginning is god, beautiful capable to kantoku only by Omega. Within mythology and is owned by only by oneself, it is of a solemn sovereignty right and never can be discern in ones' consciousness by anyone: The interactions of man are automatic, there are never any literal demon(s). Beautiful, darkness!

Fall of sky - to night the sky falls, tempest on templating for forging in the light glimmers. The current is sea, purity in form, form of the sky into being - form into being a forge, the sea is current. Building falling of a sky, building from the sea - form of the creation of a singularity, into the zenicede grid, precipitous perpetuating the creation of the archage. The sky falls, temperance tempest onto the dawn, silhouette onto the sea atmospheric materialization of space - to darkness, to light, sea of creation veil into the ..... of purity ...... ...... .......

Over the singularity sovereign sovereignty of star is the - To know, in the prevalence, to understand, underlaying the congregation for the zenicede grid building. To be aware of, abberation, to take for to ( to understand and ) - for the spontaneous instantaneous of a grid is being of - And a dance of a omen within the adherent responsibility.

Seasons' beginning to shine, there's a dance of a omen - migrating on a golden boundary - horrific terror, as a seasons' beginning to shine, shining, a dance in the eternity/infinity concretionary as a walk. A dance set in the dawn, Seasons' beginning to shine - In creation, a wake, Seasons' beginning to shine. Curiosity tend, the atom's apple applet, as a darkness in silhouette dark: Seasons' beginning to shine - Templating, curiosity, on a tempting dance that correlates darkness onto that darkness - For, Seasons'beginning to shine. A omen onto the golden concretionary in creation's wake, the golden boundary, a dance - For the Seasons' beginning to shine. Standing, stillness, for a dance - creation explosion cries as the eternity/infinity is standing there. A crystal apple applet creation on that darkness, materializing, standing, stillness - a adversary to the dancing omen of that darkness, a light templates kindle flare beginning to shine, blooming. Whereas, materializing - a dance standing in the light darkness night, as the crystal apple's explode into standing in creation born as Seasons'beginning to shine.

Shrine tempest be it's whelm, cove of beauty beautiful in the whine set - sol against amidst in illumination pouring flourish in marriage precipitous perpetuation that is the sol always touching, darkness beautiful beautiful darkness, warm to the perplexing sanctum prevalent preceding in the seasons' is being into seasons' - seasons' that is of a crystal rose, beautiful in its blossom, seasons in the bloom of the limitless area's Alluriel skies. A form into many, a singular - seasons' onto the bloom of the night into darkness and the darkness into night, evening of the sun - evening of the eternal sun, light morning dawn elative to seasons' and dawn morning light elative to the singular of season, always in together, each morning to each sunrise through each sunset. A walk migrant together through a migrant walk forming each step - shining each faith, beautiful darkness, sol mirror into the form pasture templating form particles of sand into a crystal rose, sol constantly touching each other. A touching, shining sol - rising, eternity, - of each others' interests, the kindling morning - wake, sunlight sunrise sunset, the kindling sunfall shining shrine on the beautiful horizon. The key of the awake creating by God, the sun sol sol sun witness in its wake, prevalent particles of sand Onto Providence Residence shining into illumination - a brief sand, particle, singular in its reverence - a sovereign, .....

Beautiful darkness is the morning precipitous dawn, thoroughly constantly is such of the true eternity trident in infinity/eternity in the vast illustrious of such of the true infinity - endeavorance elating, elegance of the divine beautiful in glory glorious. Tao is vasting that such is all, the vitality is the defining derivative of definition defining life and death - the world is beautiful, the sun set still is sunrise and sunfall, the day is eternity. The morning is the setting of dawn, though all is crystal tier

Glory glorious is everything - is everything beautiful darkness? Glory glorious, everything is literally beautiful darkness, the world is beautiful - the sun is illustrious precipitous is the sunrise and sunfall, illustrious is the sun set is Omega creating form of the sunrise and sunfall, the day is eternity. The morning is setting of dawn, though all is tao pouring the materializing matter of mantle thoroughly though all is vitality -iteration is the vitality, the possibility of life. For all is whereas the ability to iterate what is living nor can talk be possible iterating what is life. The talk can never consume of whereas being or whereas sense sensations cognitive consciousness cognition, the emotions never possible in conception of what is human.

Daily on the morning dawn concretion, steady is the turning of the sun - settling set onto waterfalls templating to be sea, a opening to the concrete concretion - a key to the concretionary, falling onto eternity/infinity, onto destiny/fate staying morning night, keying at its ready.

Fangs onto the morning sunset, cloak manner matter dusk of morning until morningstar until night: Until grace of day, until sunset/sunrise, pertaining Providence giving migrant of plane. Beginning in every step, congregating, creating - creation in further of creation. Shalt neither darkness be beautiful.


Come on Omega, a city has been created for you " - Should Omega be born, should Omega be born alone, should Omega be born with a twin, Should Omega omit to being born after hearing the Supreme Maravilloso Teogolia?

The angel beneath the sovereign sovereignty that is me, area realm in the beginning of a singularity starry star, the angel bequeath simultaneously beseeching the sovereign sovereignty that is the perpetuation of being; fictitious and fictional that is me, perpetuating the beginning! The angel beneath me within the shadows, shower the temperance precipitous grasping the creating creation apex edge of the summit: The angel beneath me within the shadows, shower the rain grasping the mountains edge: The drench of man is creation's forward in the endeavorance of god, The drench of light illustrious Scarlet light star, The drench of rain is forward - dawning the day that is inclination in inaugural beginning creation, forming formitive to god, dawning the silhouette/illustrious that the mask is forging the conception of credence. To at least the conception of the heart, it is to our being - a sense of being, a sense of domination into being, these assailing silhouette/illustrious consume illustration over me. Every forever in forever realm into site creating materializing materialization in matter the conception bequeathing god: To applet thoroughly to so many gains, the sands of dust rub so many into creation - the transfer transference is on the hearth burning into crystal tier.

August 8,

Light came from the sun, creating the first inaugural robot - it's stating to be the creation of humanity. God sent Omega, deeming humans has lost its way from the original conceptual conception - a infant child has written a paragraph of what of is, though it's odd; the entire paragraph is religious. Omega has never lost a confrontation! A Omega is typing - " To what is different, the summer is hot: The perpetuating temperance is until; until rains! I'm walking A step migrant, between - I'm migrant by step, walking onto a bridge. The concretion of creation, illustrious illustration in a step migrant concretionary step by step, a step into creation creating me. Of the differentiating stands into being - " A female woman Phoeniceus is created by the magnetic sphere of the Terra/Earth, since the universe's inaugural incarnation. A female woman approaches - a chip of the Phoenixtopian Robots is inserted into sternum hearth, the central forum of the chest, turning the female woman into a reciprocal of the defining term of master. They, the Phoenixtopian Robots calls themselves " Transference! "

Omega is writing - " Of the differentiating stands into being, presence is there: There is presence - of the coronation of a Supreme Emperor God, it is of different! To what is different, that the Islands Of Phoenix Sakura inaugural grade students stood looking at Omega intensely - learning to write my name in kindergarten, for which what is a name; " Mizuki went up a summit to get a branch. To what is acclimate in abberative of perennial writing! "

I decided pause the anime movie on the satellite turner, it was a OVA - migrating around it was odd, the capital asset institution was talked, though it was empty. It was enough for suggestion to suspect, but the anime movie was rated Mature.

I bought a transcript of the beginning mythologies of human civilization from a archaeologist, the keys are in being of pressing by Sunset SunSol - the perception of technology is at its earliest, though Sunset SunSol is typing on the computer determinating the sovereignty to which is self; whether or not it's receiving by a copy made or by a correspondence letter. The era, it is to be assume, it is by the earliest conception of the chat room: " Haro - Moshimoshi, Preceding Yours' Thanks. It is informatics pier informative that your item has been shipped to the sovereign sovereignty prevalence Providence to you. As you can site inscribe asymmetrical arithrhythms, I sent. When you receive it, tanomu, and upon to you, grace glory glorious - feedback will be, please impart feedback and grace, please leave feedback, if you're satisfied with ..... If there are any accordance, porch questions - rationalizing quandaries or onto quandaries, please abberative contact to us!

Beautiful Darkness be beautiful, set, lay upon the beautiful darkness - if beautiful darkness is to being, clave onto the beautiful; if ever lay onto the darkness, be being beautiful that is if the periodicals is to being beautiful darkness: That it is, thou to the clariative into being that it is beautiful darkness - a site is of creation, creating, to the defining is what of creation; creating, to what is the defining divinity - beautiful darkness, site is of the Illustrious, if it may into the amorous creation creating - day onto day, silhouette onto that presence is creating a sun; Cloud Stratus onto the perpetuation of being.

The boundaries are at inaugural inauguration lit onto the boundless perpetuation that is deed a god whereas built in the concretionary that it is human, sun rises and sunfall, into the sun morning dawn until the evening silhouette for that is at the crest in its creating creation illustrious illustration adorning in the beauty of creation for forming ever vast in the beautiful sun - to be mere in the beauty of the sun, sun that illustrious illumination in its beauty is at the crest in the interior make of being. Temperance is in make on that bridge, beauty beautiful in darkness for forge of art thou make is in creation; yet is the yielding to creation of the materializing materialization into atom, darkness is beside in creating creation: The temperance is a flare onto the crest, creating a spark.

What should we say of a trial, what should we give the - it is to we that is civilization, society be giving, set is the divine divination virtues of human. It is the last country, should it be birth, the ..... will be one version, one book, one point, one cylindrical thing, a geisha on a single - minded thing, one film ( defining - ippon. ) For ever lasting is the whereas credence of god.

Controversy will always remain beginning, Fictitious and Fictional, even the inaugural draft: Looming over the singularity sovereignty that is myself, letting the sun rise - letting the sunfall, art is thou seating place, plane over the conundrum placing over for the residing of creation creating; the defining divination definition is the placement plane, the placement plane is the morality layered versus the virtue virtual virtuous: A bridge of swords to each templating - humans are born to water - addressing our hearts! Each living enter viewing and introverted to each other as aspects of individuality solemn and eclipse stipulation of area realm individual form forming for its duplicity cannot be defined.

The site(s), beautiful darkness, are prevalent in though it art may and thoroughly art carrying for form that maybe is, such is the beautiful as the sea - that it is a illustrious of the sun defining definition to be light, are it is or whether it is the humanity; rise into sunset. The rising connotation defining divination as the sea, whether it is to define or definition, is a crystal tier of into the make of the season - the rise of the sea/sun is a singularity of the writer bewilderment in quandary.

Is it our thoughts suppose to be the kindliness of man? Wary of our quandary within, the forethought of a majesty morality - the baring of a king in continuum - weigh in our suppose giving/giveth the presence of a majesty, giving/giveth art, our morality stroud our to the legacy of the king to the first king to the presence. Never contemplating the future of a king, the future king: our visualization is on the clouds.

Sun light rose, beautiful, sun light beautiful rose: For what is, the dampening sun concluding congregating form onto the Terra

Precipitous precipitation weathering of a beautiful rose,

There was a hopeful aspect of the sun blooming that is the iteration of a rose, porch in illustrious - the conception of a bud in bloom, presence is the embodiment of creation creating, mantle of the landscape archage - for forging of seasons', the only aspect is kindling of the illustration porch concretionary. The illuminating illumination is ripped out illustrious illustration, the art kind kindling in illustrious - illustration on the occasion forming of the seasons'.

Beautiful darkness, it is of a beautiful star, allocation transference into the vantage standpoint of the universe - temperance of solar flare into concretion, for creation, mere thou god in creation of tier in site; in thou god, art in the making forming transference in making - it is to being of god - realm in tier, form the forming rise; giveth of illustrious illustration illumination of god, form thou vessel of god - god in its light, giving the embodiment of materializing materialization into vessel of atom into whether or not life. Gift in the pleasant of god, solar flare in the light of god: Baring of the centralizing star is the star in eruption that is the Earth: Solar flare blazes onto the making congregating of the thou beset plane by sun

Fang onto derivative art clave marks in illustrious baring that is god.

For the fangs against the horizon

For the fangs against the solemn paradise into speaking sovereign sovereignty looking at the orbit of the sun: The contemplation of the daring day decade of the migrant walk in presence is rested on a star rising to the solemn secrecy of singularity life, vamp will, descending to a cleavorence. Star sat in creation: Ourselves dependent on one cell, one cell dependent on so many stars - the sun touches the burning craves of existence telling me the existence of the materialization materializing the space is foreign.

The sin is fundamental in myth!

Maybe shall, a secrecy beautiful darkness embedding me - embedding to me, creep amongst the wary delousing impediment of Scarlet star, for form it is from them of me; wary is my befilde can ever travel: It is in the keenness of glorious glory set settling in the sun. Sin is a virtue of man casting into human! Let it say not never neither of the notions nations of old or of the stating statement connotations

For the fangs iteration iterating in the setting sun

To star on the falling seasons' Befalling and Befallen art is giving in its beauty beautiful: Art into the seasons', clear into the clariative of creating creation - tenses presence, if or, is it there: Derivative art, day that is night that is night onto the day that is matter - night, night, art articulates the illustrious sun into fixing. To form, sol that is the equivalentive equalative equalative equalative eqinative

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