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The Stone Throwers:
A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders

Phoenix Envy: Darkness Butterfly

Darkness beautiful, there is no horizon: Be it now - For there's no fortune, no storm, no how! Know change has a plan, cannot be nor nigh assailing the passage of human acclimate: For that fortune can bequeath any change, seasons' brings the tao inaugural new - Uh darkness queen! Baring the new cherry blossom leaves! The clouds beseech a dream, unlike any man: There's a path or passage, young infant - by your own creation, somewhere out there. Hold out your voice, silence allocates it to sing creating a hearth: Upon a promise, star every star has a sweet cool. Somewhere out there: To the figurative rationalization within, glimpse closed, Hold out your hands. Near a star, both close and a far: Glowing closer, closer on the significant God's land: Allocate reminiscence, allowing upon remembrance parallel onto the singularity art thou chosen. Allowance upon remembrance, burning a fire shirring and bright: Uh, the singularity be art thou princess queen! Somewhere upon the stars is your dream! Upon the distant star: Burning a hearth, where is art thou your heart? Uh, distant star: Is your heart? Allotting a star both near and far, twilight is your dance: stillness of a stance. Twilight your stance: Is a humble dance, uh sacred star arise from your heart: Burning within the might of a star. Burning bright: From the dawn until the night, raising the land beknownst to be holly. Sacredness within a darkness butterfly! Forging keen kindling, without nigh: Never willing to pasture forgetfulness. Pivotatication seasons', mirroring fringe on matter how! There's a distant proclamation of a name: A tempest temperance of a temple parallel to the anon burning within, a tempest Transference on a change. When the sun shines a better day! Burning within the singularity materializing to be me, a fire burning unbeknownst beknown that didn't know: There's your dream, burning a horizon blaze. Follow everywhere it goes, uh burning kindling within the singularity congregating ampiture: Uh, singular darkness queen! Won't you fly, burning a horizon blaze: There's a Burning come of mai heart, near and far! Where every encumbant blazes congregation creating a hearth of a star. Beyond the path of any common man, burning star: Whenever is your heart! Shine your wings bright: Uh, my darkness night! Burning bright upon this night, rising fire encumbering sol: Our house is your land, upon every man. Fulfill your perplexing set, fulfill the dawn of dream: Sun long shall prolong your internal song, Midrift summon!

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