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The Stone Throwers:
A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders

Phoenix Envy: Victoria Rage Li

Victoria Rage Li began as a parity to Street Fighter Chun Li during the decade 1990's, within the eyes: There were rumors Capture Com struggle with the long toy documentation application, since her character personality was fully filled out and somehow I was being pulled within random daydreams while the character was inaugurated within arcades. There isn't any allegations of Capture Com but I decided to create a parity character based on Street Fighter Chun Li. Victoria Rage Li is a little heavier dramatically engulfed in Victoria Rage, a odd darkness within the character yet sincere loyalty to Kirisuto-Kyouto Hulett.

Originally Victoria Rage Li has a role of professional car racing model, displaying her darkness publicly. Unusually evil toward the conservative clothing culture of Phoenix Envy, a young woman that changes dress culture from a conservative 1940's to a middle 1940's culture. Eventually weighing 25,000 pounds from a lack of satisfactory, tricked by the malevolence of Kirisuto-Kyouto Hulett.

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