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The Stone Throwers:
A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders

Phoenix Envy: Kirisuto-Kyouto Hulett

There within Kirisuto-Kyouto Hulett, being yet of a god and nigh, whether of a god: Grace must be within the assemblage of Kirisuto-Kyouto Hulett's personality, the adorement of female's will only be pertained and no civil rights.

There is the adoring of a love story, there each met: Kirisuto-Kyouto Hulett was sprout in youth and a adolescence female, extraordinary new to dating but she isn't shy about her personality. A young woman commanding a presence, eyes shine with such a internal presence. School beakon on a meeting, the eyes court migration to their dorm apartment complex: Each apartment room has four other forms within them, locked by key. No different than a typical apartment, there only split apart for the grading expected process.

Kirisuto-Kyouto Hulett residues with the voluptuous yet extraordinarily intelligent female's of the school.

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